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If you adopted a hound (or a mutt!) from Homewoods Rescue, and you would like to share your story, please email mhcrowdes@aol.com. Feel free to send pics as well! We'd love to post your "kids!" :o)

Thank you very much for sending those pictures! I've been trying to take some more, but Allie doesn't hold still long enough to get anything other than a blur. I'll keep trying.

Allie is just a wonderful dog. She and Digger play and play...and play. She's loving all the walks and games of fetch. Around dusk she's been picking up a scent on the other side of the fence and she runs along the fence trying to smell more. She let out a fantastic, deep, long howl the other night that was just great! I love that sound.

Her behavior is really good. She has a lot of energy, but she is also willing to lay down and be lazy. About the worst thing that she's done is get her paws up on the counter and eat a whole stick of butter. She comes in the door and sits so I can wipe off her paws. She knows "outside", "basement", and "kennel", she sits, lies down, shakes, heels, drops, and comes to her name. I just can't tell you how happy she makes me. And she and Digger are best friends.

I will try and get a picture of Allie and her buddy for you. Digger is only 19 pounds, so he looks tiny next to 64 pound Allie!

More news soon! Take care.


Hey there Marth – we’ve had a good weekend. He has been wonderful. He seems to fit right in and has made himself at home. He goes outside to the bathroom and Saturday when it was sunny and warm he couldn’t get enough of the great outdoors. Yesterday he felt pretty much at home and he said “Rain – I don’t do rain” LOL – we went out several times for short trips and the first time we came back he was laying on his little blanket. By the third trip, he had graduated to the sofa. I’d put money on his being there right now because he and Norm took a 3 hour nap there yesterday. Thanks again. Take care.

Dear Martha:

So sorry for not checking in sooner. Tonic and I have been very busy ! Well, himself is now named William Wallace for the great Scottish hero, who like our little Tonic. Wally is indeed very timid, or shall I say WAS very timid? He is getting braver by the moment, and is now sitting behind my computer chair where he can keep an eye on me, surrounded by his toys and bones. He has had many walkies, which he so enjoys and I have even succeeded in getting him to give me happy tail on a few occasssions. He didn't sleep in his crate last night. He kept getting up to look at me, so I left the crate door open for him to do as he pleased. He has had a few accidents in the house, but no big deal, I was expecting that and am fully armed and loaded with Chlorox cleanup and paper towels.

Wally is a delightful boy, and I couldn't be happier with him. You are doing God's work Martha. I really cannot thank you enough for saving him for me. He is sitting by the door, so you know what that means! Gotta go!

All our love and gratitude to you.

Susan and Wally

More on Wally...

Just a quick note about Tonic/Wally the Scottie. First, he is absolutely delightful in every way. Still timid, but gettting braver every day.

He can now go up the stairs (that's where the bed is, of course), down stairs is still problematic for him, but if there are treats on the bottom stair, he manages to figure them out. He prefers it if I carry him, naturally, but that only happens in the morning, when I need to get him outside quickly before work. He loves his yard! Scampers about like a little wild Scot, and truly enjoys himself. He is fascinated by birds, and sometimes I wonder if he's ever seen them before.

He is a playful little guy, and so affectionate. My face gets licked every morning, and I didn't realize how much I missed doggie breath.

Thanks so much for saving him for me. We couldn't be happier with each other.

All the best,
Susan and Wally

Dear Marth,

We wanted to give up a update on Emma. She seems to be doing very well. She has learned to do steps and knows that if she goes downstairs we will lether go out in the back yard to do her business. She has only had a couple of accidents.

We are still working on the human contact. At least once a night, one of us will get hold of Emma and have "Human Time." She stays on our lap and we pet her nice and easy. She will come up to me when I give the other dogs their vitamins. Emma now gets those too. We love her! Thanks !

Hello! Finally touching base...although as you predicted there was absolutely no issue at all in integrating Puggles....officially now named Darby, with her new tag to prove it! She has been all you said she would and more. Absolutely no issues with the Greyhounds, and I believe her best "romping" playmate is the kitten. They are starting to romp around just like 2 dogs! It is piceless.

Darby sleeps through the night, no problems, right next to Alexis. She is LOVING my backyard...she runs and runs and runs, and her favorite thing of all....Our Pool cover/Darby's waterslide! Top speed across the pool cover, skids on her side from one end to the other on her side. Just runs, then skids as though she is on a waterslide. She is loving it and it is hysterical.

The night we brought her home, the FIRST thing she did did was to trot her little self into the room with the basket of toys, grab a stuffie- the hedgehog is her favorite, and walk around with that hedgehog in her mouth all night. Or shall I say pranced around.

Our precious "little princess" Darby- and I do mean "princess" because that is what she is...is absolutely thriving here! Words cannot explain how much this little girl has impacted our lives! She is a god-send! I can barely even look at her little face without just wanting to smother her with kisses. She is such a "smushy, snuggly, lovey little teddy-bear". I do not know how else to explain it!!! We are all captivated by this little girl. She can do no wrong here!!

And you must know that Darby is the best thing that has happened to our family this year....we have had a very sad time here...but` SHE is absolutely priceless. I needed her! I know you knew that! You were right on in everything. You were patient with me, you were wonderful. She was meant to be here. I think you already knew that though! I would LOVE for you to stop by here sometime in your journeys to visit. Its an open door...if you get a minute in passing through Cambridge, call me and come on over! You have done good...you have helped our family focus on something other than grief over our losses...you have placed the right dog in the right place. I want you to know that you have changed lives, your endless and tiring work has helped this family and this dog. YOU have done good. You keep doing what you do- and because of that -you have saved one dog and saved a whole entire family. You really have. Feel proud- you deserve it. If I could give you a mother's day present...I am telling you, I will come there anytime you need extra help, I will give you a day of cleaning up poop, kennels, all the dirty stuff. I will bathe them, I will get down and dirty...I will help you. That is my mother's day present to you. Alexis will join me too- and we will make a day of helping you- you just tell me when you need it...and we will be there. You picked it, you knew it- this dog is so darn cute I could just eat her up. That face...oh my that little puggle face- it has been sent to me by angels- m y 2 boys that I lost and YOU. Not just her outside cuteness...which is obvious!..but her inside, her soul...I needed her, and I think she needed us. She is home- thats it- she is home and I know that she knows this!!! We just adore her- she is the perfect fit with the dogs, the cats, and most of all obviously us! Can I just tell you how much I want to eat this dog up?! Her little face, her little perfectly smushy nose and lips, her little snoring....I could just kiss her little face all day- and she just rolls over, little rolly-polly, smushy girl, for tummy rubs, she just is a little SMUSH! I don't know how else to say it- I just adore her.


Hi Marth,

Madison did well on the drive, I don't think she has ever seen snow but was very busy making doggy angels, sooooo cute. Eileen loves her and Madison was laying next to Eileen on her side (very nice). Your drivers were lovely, no problem meeting and we were a few minutes behind them. Thank you for the bags of food. For a week she will stay on the same food but fed 4 times a day in small meals. Her job right now is loving Eileen.

Madison is a doll. Thank you for everything.


Hard to believe it has only been a week! Jet is awesome and is a completely different dog since I first picked him up. He gets along with all the cats dogs and horses and has bonded with my wife a lot closer. The kids have established pack hierarchy with him. We finally got him tired. Saturday night my sister -in- law brought over her dog and they ran and played and ran and ran around the yard plus he had been walked two or three times that day. Sunday he walked with me to get the newspaper and then he was off with me on a horse back ride. He was visibly tired yesterday. He comes when called and when commanded to "leave it" will break off a scent. I'm watching him closely though because we have a lot of deer and he has discovered their smell but again so far so good breaking him off the scent. He is settling in quite well . I LOVE THIS HOUND ! Hope all else is well with you.


Dearest Marth,

Rosie is a gem.

funny story: I’ve been sleeping on the sofa at night (until I get either steps or a ramp to get her in bed with me) with her dog bed right there by me so I can touch her when she wakes up during the night. Well…her 3rd night with me, at about 1 o’clock Tuesday morning, she decided the sofa looked much more comfortable than the dog bed and climbed onto the sofa on top of me and preceded to make herself comfortable. I slid out from under her, gave her the sofa and slept in the recliner until she awoke a few hours later to get back on the dog bed. Last night I took the pillows off the back of the sofa so there would be room for her AND me. She did climb up with me during the night and I just moved to the back to make room for her.

Marth, I love Rosie and thank you for saving her life. She teaches me something new everyday and makes me rethink the way I approach situations. I am so very grateful that you have the heart to get involved when the majority of us choose to pretend it really isn’t happening.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

Pat Jamieson

Everything went well on the ride home and we spent lots of time outside before we even went into the house; just to help the girls get the scent of the place. Both pottied outside and were rewarded. Nilly, of course, just explored freely inside the house and Jane took her time. But both were comfortable in no time. Jane finally settled into a long nap while Nilly kept stealing rolled up socks from the laundry basket to get my attention. We took both outside regularly for potty breaks and they did fine. Jane didn't care for my dog treats so I finally figured out her preference...cheese! So now Nilly gets a dog treat and Jane a small piece of cheese as rewards. Nilly is a whiner at night apparently and put up quite a show last night, first with barking, then moving on to the more dramatic howl and finally a combination performance! Eventually, Nilly settled in and went to sleep. No accidents all night! I was really proud of them. (only one accident during the day by Nilly but it was such a small amount of pee, I think she might've been marking) Nilly started barking again at 7am, I suppose trying to tell me she needed to go outside BAD and to get my butt out of bed! I took both outside and they both did great and were rewarded. Afterwards I just stayed up and made the coffee and brushed and petted both on the kitchen floor. Nilly is such an attention hog! But Jane steadily worked up her confidence and came over for her fair share. Nilly hasn't eaten yet this morning, but Jane did. She seems to like to nibble from both bowls then walk away and come back, walk away, come back etc. I'm sure Nilly will eat when she's hungry. She's just loving the attention right now! She's at my feet as I'm writing this. No problems with the cats. Nilly's chased after one or two and was swiped on the nose by them as a response but no aggression just excitement. I think this will get old to her and the cats will learn to avoid her in time. Well, Jane's relaxing with a post-poop nap and I just took Nilly out again to pee. I'm going back to my coffee. I'll keep in touch with any new news and especially whatever the vet reports. Thank you again so much for helping our little family to grow. Take care.

Trudi, Erika and JD (and Nilly and Jane)


Sorry I didn't write you last night, but got tied up with company for dinner, but Rosie had a great first day. She slept all the way home -- really loves her bed.

I dropped Carol off, where she met John, then stopped to meet Dave and Jeff and his dog Abbey, and she played with Abbey for a while, then it was off to my boyfriend's David's apartment, who loves her dearly. He watched her while I ran to the store because I didn't want her to be alone at all, and they've already bonded.

We finally got to my place, and she laid right next to me in the kitchen while I got dinner ready, and we had a combination birthday party for Carol and a welcome home party for Rosie. I even let her lick some frosting from the cake, and she loved it, and everybody loves her. Carol and John got her some presents, and she loves her new elevated bowls and pigs ears.

She slept in her bed until about 3:30, but then ended up in bed with me for the remainder of the night.

She is the sweetest thing I've ever seen, and we fit together perfectly. We napped on the couch this afternoon, and she hung out in the yard while I cut the grass and seemed to really enjoy herself. She's never very far away, and I don't think her tail has stopped wagging since she's been here. I love her very much.

Her vet appointment is tomorrow, so I'll let you know what Dr. Vowell says about spaying and keep you up to date on her progress.

Thank you so much for this precious gift.

If you ever find yourself over this way, I'll hope you'll stop by for a visit.


Our new family member is doing well. The trip home he hid under the dash the entire way. When we arrived home, my daughter's beagle was there to greet him. That seemed to put him at ease. He walked around a bit, sniffing EVERYTHING. But now he has hidden under the coffee table. Awake. I know he will soon be okay. His new name will be Kachi, which is a Taino indian name for sun. Because I know Kachi will bring sunshine into my life. :> And hopefully, I will bring sunshine into his.

Thank you so much. I will keep you informed of his progress.


Hi Martha,

Wanted to let you know that we made it home safely with Floyd. We introduced him to our two dogs and it was very uneventful. YEAH! He is now asleep on the couch beside our cocker Reilly. We are trying to teach him how to do stairs. He can do 1 step so far. Any more than that, is too much.

I had him walking a little on leash with loads of encouragement at the Shorebird stadium. He did great and started to prance a little. We also took our first trip to Petsmart together to get him a bigger crate and pillow for the bottom of it.

He met our next door neighbor who is the treat lady to our other two dogs. She held him and just melted. I am sure he will catch on soon that treats are good and she loves to give them. I supply her with the treats so I know that they are healthy :-)

I wanted to say thank you for all the time you spent with me today and all the planning and care that went into our adoption. Rest assured that Floyd is in safe and loving hands with us. He was snuggling with Jason on the couch already.

I will send you pictures when Floyd gets his hair cut. Please take care of you.

Thanks again for our little darling!



We arrived home with Lemona safely. Holland was out in his workshop when we drove up. I opened the back of my vehicle and she stood up and wagged at me. When Holland came, he stooped down and said it's nice to meet you Lemona, and she wagged at him too. Can you believe it, from being unwilling to come out from under the house to tail out from under the hind legs and wagging? She has been on her first walk with the other dogs, and did her business by the back field. Right now, she's on her dog bed in the air conditioned sunroom. Oh, by the way, she shared my sandwich for lunch and appears to like deli ham. Will make certain we send pictures.

Hunkie slept all the way home in Mady's lap. B.O.B snored all the way.

Thanks for everything,

Everything is going well with Redneck except the doggy door and stairs. but we have not given up, we are still working on it. I just need to find something to motivate him that is stronger than his fear. Missy even pokes him on the butt to try to get him to go through the door.

He is a good boy, loves Missy the Dane and Peter the cat. He sleeps all night long in the crate with no problems, no crying or fussing. He is eating good now. No housebreaking problems so far and no accidents. Even with free access but I'm carefull, no marking in the house.

He likes to go on walks and when he sees deer he barks up a storm. A big hound bark. Otherwise he is quiet boy, but Frank told me that Missy has taught him today to bark at the neighbor's dogs when she runs them along my fence.

Will let you know how things are progressing with the doggy door.He is wonderful. Thank you so much !


At the park yesterday we stayed for about 2 hours and let them play. Barry chased after his ball and Fella chased after Barry. Fella met tons of doggie friends and was SO intrigued by each one of them. He got tons of good boys and head pats from the people at the park and it was obvious that he loves it there. Last night after we came home from the park we ate dinner and Barry and Fella laid around with very little interaction. We then went downstairs to the media room and turned on the television. WOW was Fella intrigued! He just kept staring at all of the flashy lights and sniffing the tv…so cute! He laid down beside the sofa (I think totally tuckered from all the running in open fields after Barry at the park). Barry came downstairs and just kept checking him out. Licking Fella’s ears, his hind legs, sniffing him and then finally laid down beside him as if they were spooning. Fella seemed a little unsure after the days events but he went along with it. Barry kept getting up to go grab a toy and trying to get Fella to play, but he was just too tired. Barry settled for the spooning. Last night we crated Fella and he cried a couple of times throughout the night but overall did very well. We awoke this morning to his crying and immediately let both dogs out to pee. As soon as Fella was out of the crate they were playing and continued playing outside. Lots of Barry trying to get Fella to play tug. Today is my office day, so I kept Fella with me today in my home office and he has slept like a rock all day long. Boy does he LOVE air conditioning! He is a serious napper just like Barry. He has been a cuddle bug and follows us everywhere and lays his head in our laps wanting attention. Dan took Barry to work with him which he sometimes does. We thought it would be a good opportunity for Fella to get to walk around and sniff everything in the house and get comfortable in his new digs. I took a shower this morning and when I opened my eyes from the suds I saw Fella standing in front of me getting soaked. He just walked right into the steam shower wanting to be close to me no matter what the cost. He is just the sweetest dog and wants a little love. So…things went great last night and this morning. We will see how things go tonight when the boys get home, but it is looking good. He has a Vet appointment in the morning to get looked over and get his rabies vaccination. They are very excited to meet him at the vets office. I want to assure you that we would never leave Fella in a situation where we felt that he was uncomfortable or miserable. We are very responsible pet owners and also want to ensure that he is safe, happy and healthy. Rest assured that if we feel the situation is not a good one for him we will let you know. Please feel free to email for progress reports!


Here is a link to a picture our boy JB that we entered in a pet of the month contest with Rachel Ray. JB and Scarlet are doing great! Hope all is well down at Homewoods.

Click here: Pet of the Month Entry - JB


Just a short note from NJ....Trixy (from adoption in '04) is starting her agility season in the EXCELLENT A level for the standard courses! So now she is TRIXY NA, NAJ, OA!!! (Novice Agility, Novice Agility Jumper, and Open Agility respectively)!!! Attached is a picture of Trixy with her recent OA title ribbons and a "blue" for that day's performance as well. ALL THIS AND SHE'S NOT EVEN 3 YET!!!! Thank you Marth for making that "mistake" on that blustery November day!!!!! Trixy truly is an exceptional gal.

Brenda and the Beagle Girlz in NJ

It's me, Mabels (so mommy and daddy call me). I just got done taking a dip in the pool, so now I'm lounging in the sun on daddy's chair. Ain't I cute??!!



wanted to let you know we got home fine and she is fitting right in. Will keep you advised as things progress. Aaron keeps saying she is a “keeper”.


We are finally settled down and getting ready for bed. It was a long ride home and we dropped my daughter off in the city and took "Gracie" and her dog Dieter for a walk in the park. I put a harness on her to walk, we like that for dachshunds, and she responded very well. She did her peepee in the park. She was quiet and sweet and loving in the car and took the trip very well. Then we had to get back in the car to go home to Harford County. She travels very nicely. When we got home my son and husband were excited to meet her and she was very curious looking all around the house and really settling in with my son, but keeping an eye on everyone. She ate a little. My maltese, Tela, didn't pay much attention to her and she didn't pay much attention to her, but Tela is very quiet and Gracie seems to be quite the lady too. I've taken her out quite a few times tonight, but she wasn't interested in doing any business, but is responding very well to the harness and leash. I showed her where the paper is and now we are going to sleep. Don't worry about her, she is in good hands and she has won our hearts. Thank you on our behalf and for all you do for these little guys and gals. Talk to you soon.


More on Gracie...

I know you are busy, but wanted to let you know that Gracie continues to do well. We are working with her with housebreaking and she is doing good, and she has us trained to hold her or carry her around most of the time. (She knows that when she does peepee she gets to go back into the house, so she does it and pulls me to the door.) She is fine on the leash and went to school with me yesterday. Everyone thinks she is adorable. She is eating well and she and Tela get along fine. I brushed her teeth and got some wipes to clean her mouth some and she will go to the vet soon. I don't want to upset her. She lets you do anything to her, just so you are doing something to her or with her.....haha. We LOVE her and she LOVES us. Thanks for all your help and advice.

Sincerely, Sylvia

We made it home safely. My dog and Susan are getting along pretty well for a first day. Susan's been wagging her tail and checked out each room downstairs. She was great in the car - riding quietly. She did slip out of her collar right away, so I stopped and picked up a halter collar to be safe. She's sleeping now - hope you are too! Thanks again.

Mary Anne

Hello again to all at Homewoods. Yes again, I'm sending new birthday pictures of Hannah, now turning 4 years old, although not much has changed except, if at all possible, she is even more spoiled and loved than ever as you can see from these pictures. She loves to sleep on our bed and look out the window and bask in the sunshine. On the days I work, she hides herself under the covers as I can see when I come home and the bed is unmade. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother making it but it seems more of a challenge for her to get underneath the covers. Hannah has her own toy chest that is completely full. Whenever I leave the house, when I return, she runs for a toy and cries so hard that I'm afraid she's going to have heart failure. I guess she loves me too! She is my constant companion and when she notices me pick up my purse, she sits so perfect with that "please take me" look and off we go. My children's friends know that whenever I'm carpooling, Hannah is somewhere in the car, even if she has to lay across their laps. Again, thanks for these wonderful years of happiness with our Hannah Banana!!!!

Did you realize that this wonderful hound is a lap dog -- not just occasionally but everytime I sit down!!

- Liz

Martha -

Just wanted to let you know what we are back to our home in RI, and Belle is doing great! She adapted to the crate very quickly, and is well on her way with housebreaking. We are all settling in better than I ever could have hoped. I have scheduled an appointment with our local vet on Friday (June 30). I will send you some photos as soon as I unpack our stuff.

She's a wonderful, wonderful little dog who charms everyone she meets. Thank you.


More on Belle...

Dear Martha,

Just wanted to let you know that we ran Belle through the local vet & her check-up went great! She got her remaining shots, and we've arranged to have her spayed in September, when she's a little older & settled in with us more.

We took her for a walk into town yesterday to give her some social exposure. Here's a picture of "us girls."

Take care,


Just wanted to let you know that Sissy is now the proud possessor of two beds! I got tired of carrying just the one up and down the stairs (now carpeted, and she just bops up and down as if she has been doing it all her life), so got her another one. We had chicken for dinner tonight, and there was a bit left over - not enough to save but too much to throw away. I split into three, and had to hand feed her - she didn't realize that chicken is food. She also has a nice new red rolled leather collar, for when her coat grows back in. Have not heard anything on her bloodwork, so I assume she is fine and will be spayed. Need to pick up more diet food, so I will ask just to be sure. At first, she would stay in her bed unless I was walking around (follows in my pawprints), but now she is beginning to wander around on her own. She also snores, which indicates she is really relaxing (I guess). The cats don't understand her at all - they haven't ever seen a dog the same size as them, only my usual pony sized beasties. They creep up to sniff her while she sleeps. Noticed yesterday that the dogs and cats match. Sasha and Twinky are both gold and white, Morgan and Panther are both black with a bit of white on the chest, and Sissy and Callie are both black and white. Lynx is the only one left out, but since she is so evil I am not interested in finding a dog to match her - for all I know, the evil is color-coded!



I adopted Otis about 4 years ago (I think his original name was Morrison - he was found with his brother Marley). I didn’t realize you posted these stories or I would have done it long ago!

Mr. Otis is my heart. The day I got him he would not even get in the car and he peed and threw up on the way home...but things have improved lots since then! He is the best thing I ever did. He is the most spoiled dog on the planet but what can I say - he is going to stay that way.

He is Mr. Tough Guy at the dog park and loves to wrestle his friends, but at home he curls up next to me and just wants his daily tummy rubs. I have been fostering dogs lately and he is a little jealous but loves having a friend. I am so happy I found him on your site – I have included a picture of Otis and I.

Thanks again - Julie

Dear Marth,

Well, as it turns out, you were absolutely right about the "match". I just want to update you on Annabelle - now Thea! Thea is perfect for us! We just love her!! And she seems to really like it here!

After our initial shock, we all fell head-over-heels in love with Thea. She is beautiful and elegant and the princess of our home!!

Thea is having a blast running around like a wild woman out in the yard with her beagle brothers! She is sharing a kennel with the handsome Stravinsky - they seem to really enjoy being together, and Vinsky is happy to no longer share with Noah, the doghouse hog!

Thea and Beanie the Cat have a great understanding - they just look at each other with boredom from across the room. We haven't had one single tense moment with the two of them - a rare treat after all of the fostering we have done!

We have provided Princess Thea with her own private dining room, which she really appreciates! She is happy to have me sit with her at dinner time. I just love to watch her eat - she chews every single morsel. All of the beagle boys inhale!!

We had a beagle-sized crate ready for Thea and for several nights she chose to cram herself into it. We finally removed it (all of the crates are under our specially-built platform bed), and it left the perfect Thea cave. She spends the whole night under there with no problems whatsoever - with a COTTON blanket, which she absolutely prefers over fleece! In the morning, Musi gets up early and Thea often crams herself into his crate once he's gone. I think she is just trying to prove that she fits in!

When she first arrived, Thea was afraid of all indoor noises. She has very quickly become brave and comfortable in the house. She is completely house-trained and really enjoys lying on the dog bed. Thea is learning to enjoy snuggles - her favorite indulgence is having her chin and throat scratched. She very politely requests such scratches on a regular basis!

The best part right now is her tail - it is almost always wagging! She is simply jubilant when we come home, and her tail wags like crazy for her people. It is really nice to see her so happy!

Thea had a great vet check and everyone loved her.

I guess you can add another happy ending to your long list of success stories! Thank you so much for all you have done. Thea is really doing a great job of healing my broken heart! She is the special friend I needed - and it is fabulous having another female in the house!

We will send photos once we can get everyone to sit still long enough! Have a great week!


Hello Marth -

We still are madly in love with Poppy Loo nee Hugh. He is the BEST.

Anyway, wanted to tell you that the "Good Owners, Great dogs" book is wonderful. P. Loo was having some issues with his dog food (dry) and the book said to add water, so I did, and he licked the bowl clean. Fabulous.

I'll keep you posted but I must say he is wonderful and absolutely house-trained and has turned into a beggar, which we totally ignore although it's hard. Take care and keep up the good work!


HELP! HELP! We have a spoiled dog! He wants ham for supper, a sheepskin dog bed and every hour - ten minutes of massage!!! What are we going to do? HA!HA! He is still doing very good! Sometimes he forgots to show us that he wants out so we hae a little accident but not too bad! He is settling in wounderfully! Love, Mad & Steve

Upon Beamer's Arrival...Hi Marth! We are home and he did wounderfully. MAGGIE was a little disappointed because he ignored her but it looks like she likes him. He is sleeping right now on his new doggy pillow in the sunroom. I will keep you posted. Love, Madelline and Steve

Hi Marth a little update on BEAMER. He had a wounderful night - all cuddled up on his pillow. He slept until 7.30am and than I got a big kiss and hello! He is big sweetheart. We do love him!

Hi, Marth!

We all made the three hour drive home in one piece. Dandy who we re-named Leo slept on the floor by my feet. Once home he got to meet most of his human relatives and once the vet gives the okay he'll get to meet his canine relatives. He's been very content sleeping most of the day away on his blanket in the dining room. You weren't kidding about the appetite! He miraculously turns into a puppy when he smells food; dancing and sniffing like crazy! He still seems a little confused about living in a house again, but he's getting the idea. We can't wait for him to meet Poppy and Winston. I just know that they'll all get along famously. Thank you so much for everything, Marth! We'll be in touch again soon.

Thanks again,

Emily, Mike, and Leo Gregory

Letter forwarded to us from Petfinder.com Happy Tails:

My beloved Basset/Bloodhound mix Jesse had to be put to sleep on Nov. 5, 2005, he was 10 years old and the love of my life. I think about him day and night, he brought such joy to my life, especially with his howlllllllllll. :)

So, I went on Petfinder.com to find myself a new friend. I told myself the next time a get a dog, I'm going to rescue and older one. So, I wanted another hound and found Geizer (7 or 8 years old)on the site in Maryland. He was pulled out of St. Joseph, Missouri from a Mill bust and auction was half dead upon arrival to rescue. I was told that he was very depressed, his nails were growing into his pads, he had urine and feces matted to his fur, his ears were infected, he had worms, bad gums and teeth and an infection in his eyes. What more could this poor boy go through. The best part is, he escaped from being auctioned off and hid for 3 days until the rescue got him. His picture touched my heart, so I applied to adopt him and was accepted! I met a volunteer in Pennsville, NJ and I took Geizer home this past Sunday, December 11, 2005. What a wonderful dog, quiet, loving and doesn't hold any grudges for what he went through. He needs to learn how to play and learn commands, it's like having an older puppy. We are making some headway together, he just needs a lot of time and love. Thank you Petfinder, without you, animals wouldn't have a fighting chance.

Truly, Alberta

Hi Marth- Just wanted to let you know that Josie (aka RAMONA) is doing great! We'll be sending the adoption contract soon, we've been a little busy because we just adopted a child! Her name is Moxi and she's 6 weeks old. I'm attaching a picture of Moxi and a picture of Josie in her new favorite spot. She sits along the back of the chair where we feed Moxi and she puts her head on my shoulder and looks down at Moxi while she eats :) They are a great pair. I hope you're having a nice Thanksgiving!


Hi Marth,

Just wanted to let you know, the puppy formerly known as Coltrane, who now shall be (and forevermore) known as Argus, is doing FANTASTIC!

He is adjusting to his new home better than we could have possibly hoped. Thank you for giving us such a great little guy....he really is a fast learner.


Hey Marth!

Just wanted to let you know that all is well here with LOW GO aka GHOST RIDER. Knock on wood, he has adapted to house life quite well...no accidents!! He has a hell of a bladder for an old guy! He is so quiet and only "speaks" to tell us it is time to go out, or he would like another serving of food! :) Have a great day!


Dear Marth - Just a quick update on our girl - she and Kaleigh are getting along wonderfully - I think that they will be inseparable - they race around playing together and with toys and Ida Mae has claimed several of the dogbeds as her own with a grrrr if Kaleigh gets in the way. She has had only two tiny indiscretions in the house after hard romping and she very delicately avoided the Oriental carpet to go on the hardwood floor so not a problem. After only 3-4 requests and being moved from the sofa she seems to have gotten the hint. She is a very smart pup and is starting to sit to have her leash taken off, for treats and before getting her bowl - all in all, an amazing adaptation and settling in. Last Sunday she crawled up on Chuck's lap and stayed there for about 1/2 hr after earlier getting into a slight snit with Kaleigh over a pile of goose poop in the yard - whatever! We found that friends of ours in Oxford have another of your pups - the Pagensteckers.

Merry Christmas - will keep you posted and send pictures. I would love to have Ida Mae's baby pictures if you find them.

for all your help - I completely trust what you recommend - after all the most perfect girl (Dulce) lives with me! Tootsie has become much more outward - she follows me around - food is definitely very important to her - she has her own little bed that she likes and she's already done the running around in circles thing - she wags her tail and talks to me when I come home - Dulce is actually warming up to her - she's going to Ricks tomorrow along with her bed and special food bowls - I really think everything will be fine - the only problem I foresee is if we ever break up it will be a fight who will keep her - but then again I signed the contract didn't I..... She's a sweetie and I love her to death already - when I come home from Hawaii she'll be staying here more until I can get some weight off of her but I already consider her MY GIRL number 3.......I never realized how much I liked hounds until I got Dulce - they are their own special breed. I'm sitting her with Peaches in her bed, Dulce on the sofa which she has made her own and Tootsie on her bed in front of the TV - life is really good. Again thanks.....

Just to let you know Tootsie has been fine at home with Peaches and Dulce - Lucky (the cat) has slapped her a couple of times but he doesn't have claws and Dulce has been a little jealous when I pet her but they've all gone out together and been fine in the yard. She's busy smelling everything. I made her a little bed on the floor with a pillow and blanket and tonight I'll go buy her a dog bed since she seems to like it.

She's met Ricks dogs and they were fine with her. I'll take her over there Thursday night and we'll have a couple of days together with them all to make sure they are going to be ok. I think Rick was far more worried than was necessary 'cause when his dogs met her they smelled her and basically seemed to think she was no threat and just didn't pay much attention to her at all. She smelled the house over and even found the doggy door and went out to go to the bathroom.

She is precious - I'm sure she's going to fit in perfectly.


He did fine with the crate. He whined 2 times and gave me a howl, I just said "No, go night night" and he was quiet the rest of the night. He didn't make a peep last night. However, he is like velcro with Gavin. Gavin has slept beside the crate in our bedroom both nights. Too cute. Last night Gavin went to bed (beside the crate) before Goose and Goose paced the floor and whined to go to bed with Gavin. So I took him up and put a big fluffy comforter in his crate, he walked right in and laid down as close to the side of the crate as he could to be next to Gavin. When we came to bed, he looked just like a baby in there sleeping so quiet. Goose is a perfect addition to our family! I am so glad I found you!

Thank you so much.
Hello Marth,
I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy with Goose a.k.a. Jimmy Durante. He is slowly opening up. He is like velcro to my son and Camden is being a great leader for him to follow. He went to the vet today and checked out great. Those ears just need a cleaning with some medicine. He loves to snuggle with me and take naps. He does have a voice!! Goose likes to howl when I go out of the room he is in. Too funny! The kids love him and I can't wait until the others get to meet him! Thank you again and I will keep you posted on his up coming progress!


Baxter and I made it home ok. He got sick just as we were heading over the Bay Bridge. However, he's enjoyed walking around the neighborhood and all the attention he gets from people. He's adjusting but it's been a long day for him. He's a great pup. Thank you for letting me have him.


She is really settling in - no behavioral problems at all. No even an accident in the house! She is eating and sleeping just fine. We took her to my son’s soccer game and she let all of the children pet her. She is great at snuggling up on the couch with us and so fun to have around. Thanks again for your time and advice – you are great at knowing a good match when you see one.


Hi Marth,
Just dropping you a line. Josie (Roxie) is doing well. I love her so much its ridiculous. I call her my angel because she is so good. My entire extended family loves her, we've had them over, we've taken the dogs with us on our visits. Josie is the sweetest dog, I can't imagine how she could have ended up at the shelter in the first place, but am glad she did because now we have her to love us. My 90-year-old grandfather and my paraplegic aunt love her because she is so gentle and obedient even to their commands. She even plays with my parents' mini-dachshund who recently had spinal fusion. She's that gentle, yet she can play rough and tumble with our big lab-pit mix, Wyatt, who also adores her and won't go anywhere without her. She is so cute, she actually smiles. I have never seen a dog who honestly smiles, until I saw her, and really, she's smiling. Thank you so much for loving her and helping her find us.

Tiffany and Kevin Loos (and Wyatt too!)

Hello Marth,

It's been just under a year since we adopted Buster. When we first got him home he just sat in the kitchen and shook like a leaf. I never knew that someone could scar a dog so much. It took a lot of time and patience but after a few puppy classes and some much needed TLC, Buster is now the most loveable dog I have ever owned. I would never have know this happiness if it wasn't for the wonderful work you do!

Thanks, Chrissy Dunn

Hi Marth.......don't know if you remember me & the puppy I had to have -- TOBY -- from Ladybug's litter. Just wanted to let you know that his (1) year birthday is coming up on August 13th and we have become a wonderful family!!!! He looks nothing like his "MOM".....he stayed small. He's the love of my life and I will be forever grateful to you for bringing him into my life!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Toni & Toby

In November of 2003 we adopted one of "The Three Graces". This is our first time giving an update of our success. We decided to keep her name Grace. Her adoption day was very special because it was the exact day, 9 years earlier that we brought our daughter home from Russia. Her birth name was Liana, and we kept her name, so we figured Grace needed her "birth name" too.

Grace is doing great with us. She is so loving, and sleeps on our bed at night. In the morning when the alarm goes off, she is right in my husbands face making sure he is getting up to take her out. If he is not fast enough for her, she pulls his pillow out from under his head. We even switch places sometimes at night, and when she realizes we’ve made the “swap” she still always goes to him. She also thinks that playtime begins at 11:00 when we are ready for bed!

Just an update to let you know that Gemma is a very happy, adjusted dog. I didn't think she'd bond so fast, but she sure has! She slept in her bed all night, came up on ours when we woke up. Gives me the whoo whoo whoo!! when she wants to play, fell asleep on Lew's lap for an hour last night while he was watching television, is at my side while I type this. She's eating well--just doing everything right. I can't tell you how much we love her and are grateful to you for rescuing her and letting us have her. She's a wonderful dog!!!!


Hi Martha--I have tell you again how much we love Gemma and what a good dog she has been. She is really smart--one suggestion that she stay out of the garden and she doesn't go in again. We have to spell certain words--like "walk" or "ride", because if we say them, she is bouncing all over the place like a puppy. She sleeps in her bed until she is sure we're awake, than it's up on the bed with us. A snuggle for a while, then down to he foot of the bed to go back to sleep. She was to the vet on Wednesday and was pronounced healthy, given her rabies shot and the supply of HeartGuard Plus. She will be spayed in June. At first, she was afraid to go out in the woods to do her business, but now she gallops out, snoops around for a while, does what she needs to do, and gallops back. She won't eat her dinner until we're finished--ditto her breakfast--probably because something else might get put into her Eukanuba. She has become my shadow. If I leave the living room to go to the computer, she wakes up from her dreams sprawled on the couch and soon appears at my side, with an arm nuzzle that usually throws my typing off. We have fallen wholeheartedly in love with her and thank you so much for letting us have this great dog. We have never had a dog with such an immense capacity for love!

Love, Elizabeth Dumont

P.S. She wants me to tell you that she is very happy here and loves her new parents.

What can we say, he's Cliff. He has been a wonderful dog and we are very happy to have him. Cliff enjoys a lot of attention and has managed to pack on a few pounds over the course of the last year, despite the fact that he's a bit of a picky eater and that he'd rather flip around and play with pizza crusts rather than eat them... Oh well, he's his own man. Cliff has done some traveling in his time with us and just loves going for rides in the car. In fact, he got to spend a lot time with his grandparents, who just adore him, when mom and dad went up to State College, Pa for Penn State home football games. Cliff attended a doggie obedience school and managed to graduate even though he and mom didn't like going very much. He's got the basics down for the most part and we figure that's good enough. We have found that Cliff really enjoys playing in the snow. It's almost impossible to get him back inside when there's snow on the ground; it's easier to just go outside and join in the fun.

Hi Marth,

Its been a long time! Hope you are doing well! We are getting ready to move and I came across paperwork for Buddy & Mia when we adopted them from you over two years ago. Just wanted to let you know that are doing great and we just love them!! They are such a big part of our family. As I mentioned, we are moving next week and they will have a bigger back yard to run around in! I've attached a picture of them for you.

Take care,
The Millers

Hi Marth! How are things at Homewoods Recue? Jaime and I had our lives changed for the better since we adopted Wishbone -- now renamed Naked -- almost four whole months ago. He's such an awesome dog! He so well-mannered and very obedient. He just aims to please us all of the time. He now knows a bunch of commands including: sit, stay, paw, wait, come, let's go, and especially: leave it! He loves socializing with other dogs both on the street and at our local dog run. He also loves finding his quarry of squirrels and cats under cars and bushes. He has such a wonderful bay! We praise him whenever he finds his prey.

There is exciting news about Naked! He is going to be in the ASPCA's annual Calendar for 2006! He is going to be the December dog! As you may already know we send these calendars to thousands of our members. So he is going to be a celebrity for one whole month! I have to write an essay about his history and where I rescued him from. Hope all is well!


Thank you so very much for driving to us. We have re-named her Hazel. Thanks for all your time and dedication. Hazel did wonderfully in the car. We stopped 2 times for her to go to the bathroom. Hershey is totaly fine with Hazel. Hank is still a bit nervous. When we got home, we gave her a cup of food for dinner and she drank all the water she wanted from her new elevated food & water bowls. We will keep you posted as to how things are going. Thanks again for all your time and energy!

Chris Green

Marth, I just had to email you real quick. I know you are busy. Hershey, Hank and Hazel are getting along GREAT! As a matter of fact yesterday for the first time, Hank and Hazel played for a few minutes. He ran away and then back to her as to say "come on, lets play." Hazel, I swear, had a smile on her face and tried to run with Hank. (Our goal is to slowly introduce exercise to her; she needs to build up her muscles.) That way she can play longer with her "brothers." When that bond occured I cried. I am soooooo happy that things are working out. Just took a little time, that's all.


P.S. She is such a sweet girl and such a trooper! I think she knows that we are trying to help her, too! She gives us such a sweet look when she looks up at us.... as to say Thank You. I just keep telling her that she is her to stay and that we will NEVER let anything bad/scary happen to her. She is at home now :)

Dear Marth, so glad to hear from you...thought you might have had your knee surgery....Trixy is doing awesome...she knows sit, come, down and her name, we're working on the potty training thing and are down to 1-2 accidents. I am anticipating puppy classes for her soon (awaiting second round of shots and the okay from the doc) and Katie gets enrolled in the Canine Good Citizen class too, Allison is going to help with the puppy class...I am having the time of my life with these two....I am so proud of my girls..

Dear Marth, I hope this little e-mail finds you in good health and spirits...it's been 5 months since we adopted Trixy, one of Cookie's pups. She has settled in nicely and has passed her puppy obedience class. We are looking forward to enrolling her in pre-agility classes with her big sister Katie. (Who consequently has passed her Canine Good Citizen Certification exam). I have enclosed some pictures for you to put on your website as a tribute to all the "rescued" dogs who I believe have all the potential inside if only given a chance.....Puppy kisses....Brenda

Hi Marth, Here's some recent photos of Trixy and my other girl, Katie. Allison was helping them with their Christmas 'wear'. Trixy weighs over 15 pounds-- almost doubling her weight in just the 2 months that we have had her. She has a busy January in store--spaying and her obedience class. She is THE absolute best and we are soo happy that we came across Homewoods and had an opportunity to give Trixy a forever home.

Puppy Kisses...Brenda Wagner

Hello Marth!

I just wanted to update you and let you know that Chester’s a LOVELY dog! We are having so much fun together.

THANKS AGAIN!! For such thoughtfulness on your part. We are two lucky parents!


Good morning Marth, Puppy is doing grand and much happier this morning. She loves her cage which she obviously considers her comfort zone as when she gets a fright she heads straight in there. We’re not closing it – just leaving the door open so she can go in / out. She snuggled in Kiri’s bed from 5:30 this a.m. and was very happy. No accidents inside, we’re taking her out often. Eating/drinking fine – particularly thirsty, stools firm, very good.

Cassie is just amazing thrilling us by the minute. She just had her first accident inside, no big deal, just a little piddle. We have the bell on the door and when she rings it (playing at this point I suspect) we take her outside. By all accounts I believe she is doing just grand, eating/drinking well, playing, and my little shadow. I have a bunch of books from the library for the moment so we’re learning by the minute.

I will order the book on amazon today and buy her some chew toys! She is a total joy.

Warmest regards to you all,


We went with the name Hillary for our puppy and we love her! She is so sweet. Mark woke up in the middle of the night to take her outside and ended up asleep on the floor with her downstairs. She's a sweetie. We've also gotten a little camera crazy. If you want to track her growth -- you can visit our website -- http://www.poopfaceandpizza.com/dog.

It's only been two days, but she may have gotten a little bigger :) Thank you and good luck with the rest of the dogs at the shelter!

Lisa and Mark

Marth, Well, we made it home around 2:30 or so. Stopped to get a drink and snacks. Trixy slept most of the way home and when she wasn't sleeping, the tail was going non-stop. We all love her... So nice to have met you and to have seen the other adoptions.


Marth, We are in heaven! Newton is doing really well, he woke up winpering several times the first night and only once last night, yay! He is getting really good at walking with a leash and the housebreaking is a breeze! He also seems to love car rides, he slept much of the way home and on the trip we took yesterday. In the evening he snuggles on our laps for hours, he is so cozy. Thanks again for making this possible. We will email with pictures when we get a chance.

All the best, Jamie

Well, he got home safe. He is settling in nicely and his 2 housemates and cousin got to meet him and fell in love w/ him so far. He looks like a basset/beagle mix which is what I was looking for. I hope he gets to be on the larger side of that mix which is what he looks like he will be. He’s a good pup. We named him Beasley. I’ll send pic updates.


The puppy is doing great. Gregg's wife was soooo surprised. He is the cutest little thing. He was very shy the first night, but when I stopped by yesterday to see how he was doing, he did not even pay attention to me being there, he was too busy playing with the other dog Jake and eating his bones. His first vet appointment is on the 2nd or 3rd of December. They named the puppy "Gunner," pretty cute huh? Thank you very much for your time and generosity in making this happen. I will be e-mailing you pictures shortly. Take care.

Dan is doing do great. Everyone loves him. He is so gentle and all he wants is love. He was great with my brother-in-law's dog and our neighbor's dog. He was okay with the cats he did not chase them (as you predicted) and they were hissing like crazy. He saw the cats today. They are at my mom's while we still have a little construction to finish. He sleeps through the night. He finally pooped today - has not really wanted to eat in all the excitement. He is listening okay. He only does 2 bad things. He tries to lift his leg but that is expected since he lived outside for so long and tries to jump on counter tops. This will all be corrected as we start training soon. Thank you for our beautiful boy !

Melinda and Chucki

Hi Marth! It been over a year and a half since I adopted Trevor, one of the two males born to the Foxhound family. I was so excited to see and read the letters about Trevor's' brothers and sisters (Endsely Yox, Merlot, and Bailey) that I decided to send in a photo of my little boy and write to you about how he is doing.

Trevor has adjusted well to the city (Philadelphia). He enjoys taking long walks with me and playing at the dog park. His favorite activity, second to stealing items out of the kitchen sink :) is to race other dogs around the perimeter of the dog park. Almost everyday he finds a new dog that is unaware of his reputation and is willing to race him; within 10 minutes the other dog gives up and Trevor is the champion again! He is VERY fast :)

Little Trevor has even created a name for himself in the neighborhood... friends and neighbors call him 'Prancer' because of the way he trots along side of me :) Also, just about everyday someone new will ask me what type of dog he is and I like to say, "he's a mix... part Foxhound, part Angel!".

Thanks for bringing him into my life Marth... you're the best!!!


Oh Marth - He is adorable. He peered out the windows driving home and cracked me up. He then would run from the passenger side to the driver window and run back and look and look. I said to myself he doesn't know he's blind. I put a little soft blanket I call his whoobie in his crate and a little fleece bed (Summer, my daughter, and I bought). I am figuring I will have to start to know his mannerisms and immediately be responsive to them. It is really weird how because he is blind he sniffs all the time, but sometimes I can tell the difference between sniffing to find his way around and sniffing for a spot to pee. The amazing part is he can walk through the house in just a matter of a few hours to find his way to the kitchen and to his bowls without walking into anything. He knows his name. I have named him Stevie Santana. He is great with Summer. She cuddled with him and played. One time she backed him up in a corner trying to play and he growled. But I explained to Summer he is backed in a corner and can't get out. You scared him. Leave him alone. I tried to tell her his is an old guy but she doesn't understand. I also tried to explain to her about him not seeing. I had her close her eyes and said "this is what Stevie sees. It's dark and you have to talk to him so he isn't scared when you walk around him or in the room." He is a total lap cuddler, loves to snuggle in bed and when sitting at the table will come over and want up. He knows to come over to couch and wait and I say "Stevie up up." And he sits on his hind legs and will sorta raise his front legs for you to pick him up. He will sit right with me in the kitchen while doing dishes and sat with me this morning while getting ready for work. If you are out of his little range or vicinity he will whimper to have you tell him where you are. Saturday night I thought he might sleep in his crate for the night - well he started howling like a hound dog. I was rolling. I then went over and got him out and said this is it; he is a bed dog. He slept next to me all night. Last night he got underneath the comforter and started to sleep. He is funny. Oh I keep forgetting stuff to tell you... I took him out to back yard to pee. I watch him, but one time I had to put clothes in dryer. He came up to door and walked in and walked around. I was surprised he remembered where door was and knew to walk in. I will send pics really soon. Kim

We made it home and Sunshine did great. She laid on Heather's lap all the way home. The two of them are really hitting it off!!!! I think Sunshine is going to love it here. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! I was a little concerned about finding a puppy online, but you have made this a very good experience. I just can't thank you enough.

Thank You Again and Again, Paul, Dorothy, and Heather

Hey Marth!
Happy Thanksgiving! Dobby, Charlie and I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you do. And I wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have Dobby in my life. What a hoot! This dog is so funny, she makes me laugh every day. And she's such a lover, she'll snuggle with anyone. All the physical and behavioral issues that she came with are no longer issues and she's settled in our household perfectly. Don't get me wrong, she's still a little crazy and always will be, but who isn't?

I know it's a bit out of date, but here's a picture of Dobby at Halloween. She hated the costume (she was a vampire), but loved seeing all the kids. I'll make sure to send you a Christmas picture, too. I'm going to attempt to get all three guys and myself in the photo at once. We'll see.

Oh yeah, I noticed Stevie is not on Petfinder any more. Did he get adopted? Or did you decide to keep him? I'd like to know how he is doing.

Again, happy Thanksgiving and thank you for everything you do for these little sweethearts!

Laura, Charlie, Dobby and Karmann

She has become quite the traveler - goes with me to visit my friends who also has dogs and just plays and plays - takes her a day to recover from so much play but she is truly a happy girl!

Hello Martha,

Me and Happy Day's made it home just fine. We have re-named him "Buster". He is still extremely shy but he is starting to warm up.

He has had only two accidents in the house and slept through the entire night.

Words can not express how much i already love this little pup!

I will send pictures soon!

Christina Dunn

Marth!! Well, we made it home just in time to pick up the kids and of course they were very surprised. Once again, thanks for all your help and patience and we think that Tinker Bell is really going to be happy here...she seems to be already! Hope you enjoy the pics...we'll send you some more as we get them!

Dear Marth,

Hello! It’s Dena. I just wanted to let you know that we made it home okay. I’m sorry I didn’t e-mail sooner, but we have been busy getting Bear acclimated to the house and to everyone else. He did really well on the way home…he slept all the way back!! He must have liked the motion of the car. He is doing well. He absolutely loves playing with the girls. And the girls are just tickled to death about him. He loves following the baby and Megan just loves being with him. We know we picked the right puppy for our family. He is just so beautiful and we are looking forward to many years of joy with him.

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Bear. And it was really great to finally meet you. You are doing such a great job helping all these dogs find homes. I haven’t gotten a picture yet, but I promise I will get one of the girls and Bear and e-mail it to you.

With many thanks and blessings,


Hi Marth!

He is the BEST puppy in the world!! He has been SOOOO good & the love of my life! Thank you again!! We were meant to BE !!!


Just wanted to let you know that Dolly is well and happy. She is the kind of basset we had in mind. She is so loving and quiet, though she whines sometimes when my husband is outside and she can see him through the screen door. She's really made herself at home here. We even bought a fenced in pen about 20 x30 feet, for Dolly to play outside in and get fresh air. We took her two weeks ago to get her fixed, and she's all healed up now. Bo's going to send you a copy of the receipt soon. She's adapted very well and loves our home. She has her own spot in the living room and the bedroom. We love her so much. Thank you for letting us adopt her.

Take care,

We are into our third year with Hannah, one of Sadie's pups, and if possible, we love her even more than year one and year two. Her personality continues to amaze us. She's sweet, funny, and loves to keep us on our toes with her little stunts. She just loves to show off and also be treated like a queen. She definitely runs the roost at our house.


Everything is going great!! Sarah, who we have renamed Tara, is just the sweetest dog!

The pickup from Lisa went very smoothly this morning and Tara was quiet as a mouse on the ride home, just layed in her crate and wagged her tail. I was so concerned with getting her food and water that I neglected to let her relieve herself outside and she ended up peeing and pooping in the basement. She seemed so nervous, and like she was trying so hard, I felt terrible for her. She drank a little water and I put the boys upstairs to watch a video. She and I got to spend some time together and after a while she calmed down and fell asleep. She slept for about 3 hours. I went to see her when the boys went for their naps and we had another long time together. We walked around the property and she seemed to get it when I told her to pee in the woods. When the boys woke up and my daughter came home, we spent time with Tara getting the kids and her used to each other. After a while, the four of them and I were playing together nicely. The kids love her and she seems to like them a lot, too.

When my husband came home, he was just thrilled with her. Her looks, her temperment, the whole package. She completely respected his requests to sit and not jump and to poop in the woods. They really got along well.

As far as the cats go, Katya hasn't shown her face all day (just like every day) but Sergei was curious about her. He approached her when she was in her crate and they sniffed noses. Sergei raised his paw like he was going to swat Tara but didn't do anything (he has no front claws anyway). After a few minutes of staring at each other Tara growled and lunged a little. Sergei hissed back but stood his ground. They continued staring for quite some time. Eventually, Tara laid down and Sergei sat. Finally Sergei walked away and lay in the other room. It didn't seem too bad for a first encounter, did it?

I am very optomistic about how things are going. She is just a joy.

Thanks for setting this all up--I am so grateful.

I will keep you posted to how things progress!

Thanks again!


Just wanted to give you an update on our very happy household. Cledus (our new basset pup) is doing wonderful. He and Bruno play everyday together and the both love to take walks. Cledus is pretty much potty trained. Only a couple of accidents here and there, but is able to hold it during the day. He is loveable and loves to give kisses. We are very happy to have the addition to our family and couldn't have asked for a better member. Thank you and Homewoods Rescue for everything you have done to make this possible. I will keep you posted on Cledus and will try to write a little more often. Taking care of the two dogs and everything else is taking up all my time, no time to write emails to anyone. But I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about. Hope all is well with you and the doggies. Keep in touch

Chris, Becky, Bruno & Cledus

Marth -

I have to tell you something that I think is so funny.....

Petey, my loving, sweetest, bowlegged Chihuahua has Homewoods Hounds in his blood....... While playing last night, he was running back and forth on the bed, chasing my fingers, started HOWLING and barking like a hound.... It was the funniest thing I have ever seen and heard...... Not only was he howling, he was holding is head up high, nose pointed in the air to get the full howling/hound affect! hehehhehehehehehheh I wish you could of seen/heard it!!!!!!!!!!! All the while wagging his little tail as fast as he could!!

I think that he has adjusted well. He has not even been with me a week, and he's happy, he's eating well, he's playful, loving, cuddly.... Who ever is home alone with him, that is who he will cuddle with.. However, as soon as I get home, he's on my lap. He sat for hours on my lap on sunday and watched NASCAR.. He is AWESOME....... Just thought I'd share!!!

Hey Marth,

Some pictures of Endsely at my Grandfathers farm with my oldest daughter and brother, July 11th. She is a great dog!

While watching an Animal Planet dog show recently the announcer stated "The American Foxhound, they're not for everyone". Both of the girls, my wife, and I cracked up laughing!

She is the best fit for our family. Perhaps the Yox's are not for everyone.

David Yox

Hi Marth,

We're finally home! We got in alot of traffic, so it took us longer to get home. But we've made and Cliff seems to be adjusting and smelling everything! We are loving him! Thanks for everything and we'll be in touch with some pics!

Leisl Edwards

Hi Marth:

We hope that you are doing well, it was really wonderful meeting you on Sunday!

We just wanted to let you know that little Benicio is doing fabulously with us! The past couple of days have been really great and this is a fantastic match for us and the little guy.

He has acclimated very well with us and to our home--he is super friendly with us and whomever he meets. He has been eating well, too and seems really happy!

Just wanted to let you know that all is well! Thanks again, Marth, we are really, really happy with him!

Christine and Jeremy

Hi Martha! Everyone is doing great here! Garfunkle's new name is Natas. Justin named him after a childhood hero. Natas is doing so well. He is adjusting to sleeping in his crate wonderfully. He loves playing with his big brother Scout. He already has a ton of new human friends. He absolutely loves everyone. My sister came to meet him and brought the boys so many new toys you would have thought it was Christmas. Natas has ajusted to our home very easily. He is very easy going and loving. We could not have asked for a more perfect pup! Just seeing how happy Justin and Scout are is enough to make the long drive well worth it. I've attached a few photos of our new family and Natas's big brother. Thank you again for all of your help and hard work. We appreciate it sooo oooo o much.


More on Natas, later date:
Hi Martha...

Just wanted to give you an update. Natas is doing very well. He went to get another round of shots today and the vet was very impressed with his good behavior.

We all love Natas very very much and are taking him and Scout to the beach for a week. I hope you are doing well and again, thank you again for bringing Natas and our family together.


Marth, Just wanted to let you know Seany & Merlot just went to bed for the night. He's picked his spots in the house that he likes...........under Seany's bed, under the kitchen table, and a cozy little corner in the living room. Our cat is hiding at the time, so I'll introduce them tomorrow. But no problems at all! He's a big baby!! He finally went to the bathroom after eating. There's progress already. I kept trying to get him to eat. I tried McDonalds, cheese, dog treats, dog food... Then we had my spaghetti dinner, I put it over his dog food...he ate it and wanted more spaghetti! After he ate I sat on the floor with him and brushed his hair for a while...he fell asleep. I carried him up the steps and put the 2 boys to bed. We'll work on the steps.

Marth, you have to be a wonderful person yourself! You have your hands full - so I saw! Like I said, I will be in touch...


Hello Marth,

I called to let you know we got home okay. We stopped by the hospital so John could at least look at Abby from his hospital room.

She has been wonderful. She has a romp around the yard and entertained herself by throwing a toy in the air and running all over then repeating it. After the romp we went inside and gave her a special blanket (quilt) to use as her downstairs bed and she was very comfortable. We then , after the derby, went for a nice walk around town- heeling is not in our vocabulary but I've handled worse. We came back and she had a nice dinner after which she slept. We went outside before coming upstairs and now she is on her big bed right next to my desk. I think I'm going to take her bed into the bedroom and put it next to my bed at least for a few nights- then move it to the office when I know she is comfortable.

She has given me lots of kisses and I have given her belly rubs. She hasn't let me get too far from her sight and has lots of tail wagging going on.

So ....so far so good. She is extremely sweet and really trying to understand all this but seems to be enjoying herself as she figures it out.

I will keep in touch.



We picked up Winston (Mr. Linguini) on Thursday night. He is a real lover! He and Poppy act like brother and sister already. The first thing he did was to give her kisses. This morning, they were wrestling on the floor and having tons of fun. We're working out the walking routine (I sometimes get tangled in the middle of the leashes, but it's already better than I thought it might go...). He's everything that you said. We plan to take him to the vet as soon as we can to have him checked out and to make an appointment to have him neutered...

Thanks for arranging the transport to York. The Stones were a fantastic help. We were able to get there in an hour and a half, so it saved us lots of time. Most of all, thank you for our two wonderful dogs. I'll keep you up to date on their progress and try to send you pictures (I think I've got our digital camera working now...). Thank you!!!!!!!

Joe Vendetti

The girls are wonderful and we are definitely keeping them as we have just fallen head over heels for them. They had their spaying this week and recovered nicely. They are active and snuggly with a definite taste for toliet paper and socks. :) They have reached their adult weight according to the vet at 17lbs each.


Hey Marth,

It's been almost one year since my family adopted our foxhound Endsely (your Betsy). She is a fine addition to the den of Yox's. She will chew your shoes if you like to sit still, or not, and eat your heart out with her smile.

She is a bit of a knucklehead, but a great dog! I love her.

David Yox


We adore this dog, and are so thankful to have him. We’ve changed his name to Ernie, and I hope that’s okay with you. He has a green harness, official rabies tags and nametag, and green leash with his name on it. We took him to our vet, Dr. Michael, for a general exam and to get a record started. Dr. Mike said he’s in great shape and good health. He is so adorable! He talks to himself sometimes, and it’s so cute I can’t help but pick him up and hug him. He fit right in with the other guys right off the bat, and he follows Bob around. We bought bells and hung them on the back door and he’s so smart he started ringing them right away. We love him, Marth.

Thank you so very much for Ernie,
Bob and Joann Fagan

Marth, Abby is finally home today. I cleared paths for her in the back yard so she can get around. I spent several hours with her and Sarge in the yard so that they get used to each other. Sarge is a bit apprehensive of her, I think because of her size. They do get along and spent time chasing each other through the snow. I have set up a separate couch that each can call their own. As they get used to each other inside I assume that they will not care who is one which couch. Sarge likes to share, especially when it is winter, when he no longer feels threatened. She is doing very well adjusting. Everyone that Abby has seen the last two days has fallen in love with her. I have never come across a dog as sweet and as gentle as she is. She is exactly what I was looking for to keep Sarge company.
Regards, Bob

Our Ernie is a Corgi/Dachshund mix, weighing in at 16 pounds, most of which is heart. He is caramel color with a black face and resembles a little bandit. At only eight months of age, the little guy has been through a lot. First by being flown to Maryland from Puerto Rico where he was found wandering the streets, then a failed adoption which left him depressed and scared, especially of men. My husband, Bob, is one of those gifted people that all animals trust and gravitate to. When we picked up Ernie on the Eastern Shore, which is about a two-and-a-half hour trip from Baltimore, Bob sat in the backseat and let Ernie come to him, which he did. Ernie slept on Bob's lap the whole journey to his forever home, and Bob explained to him that this was his last trip to a new home. It has been a wonderful week now with little Ernie. He plays with his new brothers, Tito, Jack and Arthur, all shelter fur-faces, and has his own new sporty red harness, collar, leash, and bone-shaped name tag. Bob works shift work at a grocery story, and I work a straight 9 to 5 job, so between the two of us, the muttleys are without us at the most five hours a day. Bob takes them to our local dog park every day, weather permitting, and they walk two miles through the woods. The first day Ernie raced through the whole walk, came home, ate his supper, fell asleep by the television and didn't move until we all went upstairs to bed. Ernie now "patrols" the back yard every morning to make sure nothing is amiss in his yard, races up and down the stairsteps, wrestles with his brothers (and usually wins!), gives lots of kisses to Bob and I, eats like a racehorse, and snuggles with us while we watch t.v. We, humans, are the lucky ones to have dogs and to be loved by dogs. It always amazes me how our dogs, who came from such sad and hurtful beginnings, are willing to turn right around and trust again. Our guys are a constant source of joy, and just when we think! we've seen everything, one of them will pull a new trick out! of the bag to make us laugh all over again.

Thanks for listening to our story of Ernie.

Bob and Joann Fagan

Hi Martha. You'll be proud of your little Molly. She has been on her best behavior so far. As you can see, she has made herself right at home. I decided not to fight it and covered the sofa. Life is easier this way. She is all you said she would be and then some. We love her already as you can see. Will be in touch.
Fondly, Barbara

Hi Marth,

I left you a voice mail last night--hope you got it!! All went well on the way home. She quieted down in a few minutes (I mean < 5!), put her head on my lap and slept most of the way home. Pup was quiet for the most part, too!

She did a lot of pacing when we got home--which we expected. She would not go to the bathroom at all--either in the backyard or on a walk--yesterday. We all went to bed thinking we'd need to get up in the night to let her out, but SHE SLEPT QUIETLY ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Not at all what we expected. Joe got her up at 6:30 and she went out in the backyard and quickly took care of everything. One really cute thing--I put her dog bed on the floor on my side of the bed and she would not settle down until Joe moved her bed to HIS side of the bed. I think we have finally gotten "man's best friend!"

She was wonderful with Anna, our daughter, who gave her hugs and kisses and led her around showing her the house. She was a little too interested in our dinner last night, but we only had to tell her 'no' a couple times and she really backed off. I see what you mean about her desire to please. As we've never had a dog who particularly cared about what we wanted them to do, this is a real change for us!

We're going to keep her name since she does know it. Joe really wanted to change it, but thought better last night when he said "Allie, come" and...she did! Again, better behavior than our previous hounds, so we're not messing with success! Plus, she's had so much change...

We left her alone this morning while we went to church with the run of the kitchen, dining and living room (with rug removed), and all was well when we returned. Just sleeping on her dog bed in the sun in the middle of the living room floor. We felt silly that we worried about what she might do. Will try to leave her for a couple longer stretches today and tomorrow before we return to work and school Tuesday!

Again, thanks so much for sending her to us and taking such good care of her for so long!


long but easy drive. Maria, aka Uffie, was an angel. She stood and sat with lynn in the back...then me and girls went in KFC and Lynn walked Maria around...she pooped! Then all back on the road for sleepy drive here. Eve told me she loves Maria already. Anna slept the whole ride til the end, when she moved to the back seat to snuggle with Lynn and Maria. Now anna is jumping around and lynn is teaching her how to open a can of food and set it out and then respect her space. Maria gobbled food and slurped water...now she exploring the downstairs. We love(!) her already. More later! You need to know how honored we are to be part of your chain of love! The girls are already changed...and Lynn and I are thrilled. Lynn has missed her doggies...hugs to you and all your staff!

Hi Marth!

I am sorry that I didn't get back to you yet :( Lucy is doing so well!!! I can not believe how well that she and Chalrlie get along. They just play and play. Charlie mothers Lucy. I cracks me up. She has had a few accedents in the house (as to be expected!) and Charlie will tattle on her. He sits next to the spot and barks for me to come over and clean it up. It is so funny when she gets tired because she just crashes! she will be playing with Charlie and then she'll come over to me and get up on the couch and fall over and start snoring. She is great. We are scheduling a check up for her. Just to introduce her to our vet. I will keep you posted!

Love, Brie, Greg, Charlie, Cheyenne, & Lucy :)

Scroll down for Kilmer and Lilly's baby pictures!
What can I say about our boy? He weighs in at 104 pounds, hence our new purchase of a King Size bed. He sleeps in between me and my husband, and loves Princess Diana and our Murphy. He is the best doll face in the world...he rules and rocks our world!
Love, Richard and Michelle Borda

Here's my girl, Lilly, one of Sadies puppies. Isn't she beautiful? She is a prize and am I thankful we found you and your hounds. Barbara, my niece who also has a Sadie puppy, loves her Hannah too. The doggies will be 2 years old in May. How time flies. Hope all is well with you and your family.
Martha Duane

Kilmer is mine..the big boy of Saidie's; the other photo is me with Barbara Harvey..she adopted Hannah..who is NOT in this photo. Hannah was a relay to her so you never met Barbara Harvey. Lilly belongs to her Aunt Martha Duane. We were all together at Thanksgiving. It's a family affair!

Hi Marth - Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and thank you so much for Gunnar (AKA Twinkie). He has turned out to be the best dog ever and we are forever grateful for making the 3.5 hour trip to get him. I check your site often and it breaks my heart that I cant take more into my home - at least not yet. Keep up the wonderful work........

Tammy and Rob

Dear Marth,

Thought you might enjoy an updated picture of Cedar. He's a big boy, now - weighing in at 80 lbs. He is such a wonderful dog and great company, don't know what I did without him!

Have a very Happy and Blessed Holiday Season.

Mary Fridley

You definitely do wonderful work! Without you there would be many hounds and other sweet dogs that would be without a warm family. They would either be dead or out on the street. God will Bless you in many ways for the wonderful work you have preformed for His creatures.

Thank you so much for helping!
Carol Murray


Forgive me for not keeping you up to date! It was great hearing from you! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Lucy and B.B. are now almost 7 months old!! Wow! They weigh over 25 lbs each and love the snow! Lucy runs and runs in it and throws it in the air! B.B. pees in it and licks it. But don't worry, she doesn't lick it where she pees!! They were both spayed on the same day in November, about 1 week before Thanksgiving. They made a miraculous recovery; no one told them they had surgery so they never knew!!

B.B. is a training challenge, although the dogs do not mess in the house. You see, B.B. is deaf. But we have very creaky floors so the only one who can sneak up on her is Lucy! She knows signs for her commands and tricks, but you have to have her attention or she is outta there! It took a while for us to figure it out because she always followed Lucy around and when we called them, Lucy would come first and B.B. would, of course, be behind her. We thought nothing of it since Lucy was a few pounds bigger, we figured she was faster and had longer legs, too. But, when the dogs began to feel more comfortable in the house and began to explore more independently, we noticed that B.B. never came when called. We called her "Being Bad" and Todd just thought she was just plain defiant! But, we soon figured out that noises did not bother her like they did Lucy, and we did our own series of "hearing" tests. Then, I told the vet. He did the same and agreed that there was a problem. But, he also said that he thought she was the "most unresponsive puppy" he had ever seen. Well, she proved him wrong when she started to learn our sign language! She is alert, and very smart. She loves to be vacuumed while Lucy is afraid. She sleeps very soundly but never snaps at anyone who wakes her up. I hope that never changes. She will sometimes "pretend" she does not see the sign sometimes, especially if there is no food involved. What an attitude!

But seriously, Marth, our babies are a joy and we owe it all to you. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR OUR GIRLS!

Stacy Catalano & Curtis Todd Morgan

Last August, my husband and I adopted Gabby from you. I just wanted to give you an update. We changed her name to Libby and she is the best dog we have ever had!I know that the care you gave her in her early days made such a difference.I just wanted you to know that we continue to think of you and be thankful for the way you cared for her.

We call her our snuggle bug--she just can't seem to get close enough to us--in bed, on the couch...anywhere! She loves to run and play---you should see her in the snow! Icecubes are one of her favorite treats--and eggs! Just wanted to send some pics!

We love her!

Lisa and Tim Morrison


We just wanted to e-mail you back and thank you for the kind note that was sent to us. All is well here with Jake (you may remember him as Van Otis). He is a great asset to our family. Our children love him so much. He has become bed buddies with our daughter at night. We hope you have a great Holiday season. If anyone should ask us to refer them to any kind of rescue we will be sending them your way. Keep up the great work.

John and Traci Byram

Wannabe (now Josey) is doing VERY well. After a day of housetraining mishaps, she slept through the night without incident. She has a 36" crate with a very cushie pad in our office and made only a few whimpers at bedtime and then it was lights out! We are walking her twice as much and she is getting the hang of what we expect of her bathroom-wise. She is doing much better on the leash and is much more into going outside (mostly because she knows she is coming back to her couch...lol).

Scott & Tammy

Hi Marth,

Marth, I can’t tell you how happy Ginger is. We have a beautiful property nestled against over a million acres of George Washington National Forest. I retired back to my art. The sun pours in all day long – Ginger is truly in love with her life. My neighbors, mostly weekenders from DC also have dogs and Ginger is gladly welcomed by all and of course have her favorites. Marth, Ginger has changed my life. And I thank you for that. She has a sense of humor and is quite playful – no longer the sweet shy dog I picked up...

Much love to you and all your hounds.

Brooke & Ginger

Hi Marth!

It's been a while since we updated you on Ike's progress--and he is doing great. He hardly ever barks but he has joined in for the chorus if there are sirens. He has discovered that he was born to hunt and so we are going ahead with the invisible fence, but he will have over an acre of woods and lawn to roam. He can hardly believe that we have had to cut back a little on his food since he has gained a lot of weight--also does a lot of tail wagging and is learning to enjoy his playtoy--there are others that he has hidden somewhere. There is a possibility of a house and dog sitter for the time we will be away this winter--hopefully it will work out. Hope all is well with you and that you have found lots of nice homes for many of Ike's old pals.

Sue & Rick Spencer

Hi Marth,

Ok, I finally got pictures of the boys so I wanted to send you a picture and let you know how Louie was doing. I am so happy I found him! I really couldn't have found a better dog. In the time he's been here he's had settled in well. He's getting along great with my other dog Nubby and he's already weasled his way into the bed with us at night. He's doing great with housebreaking too, he's only had two little accidents. He's gotten a lot more comfortable and relaxed too...he's quite a little character! He had his first trip to the vet and he has a clean bill of health.

Thank you for doing what you do. If it weren't for people like you, dogs like Louie wouldn't be here to get a second chance at a loving home. And he (and they) definitely deserve it.

Janice Raley

Hi Martha,

Just wanted to drop you a picture of Winnie, now known as BAILEY, pictured with my two sons. We brought her home just over a week ago, on August 18th, and she has made quite a bit of progess.

She has conquered her fear of doors and steps pretty well. Today was the first day she actually went up AND down the steps all by herself with no coaxing. She loved it SO much so that she went up and down 10 times to loud applause! We were all so proud of her! She now fetches her purple ball that you gave us and is fascinated with the kids toys! She chases a few we have given to her and s l i d e s over the hardwood floors to retrieve them. She LOVES the kids! Her eyes just sparkle when they come into the room and her tail starts wagging. She is s l o w l y getting used to my husband! He spends time with her but IS at work much of the time. She gave us a few scares by getting out of her collar so we bought her a harness and it is working much better, tho she still got out of that even that once when she was scared by a noise outside. Quite the escape artist! She always came right back to me after a brief run thru the yard. I know now to just get very close to her when she's scared by people out walking or noises. It seems to comfort her.

In only a week we have watched this wonderful walker/fox hound blossom from a shy, timid puppy to a tail-wagging fun companion. She has the run of the house and is only crated at night and briefly during the day if we run errands or have company...since she is still scared of strangers. Her housetraining has gone so smoothly I can't believe it! She only comes up to my knees right now but I'm hoping for a bit more growth! The mobile vet is coming in two days for her checkup and shots needed.

I urge anyone considering adoption at your shelter to go for it! We have always been a labrador family but after bringing Bailey home we are true hound converts! It has been so rewarding seeing her come out of her shell and I know this is only the beginning!

Thanks for answering all of the questions we had prior to bringing Bailey home! This was an important decision for us and your answers gave us the confidence we needed. Funny thing is....here I was worried she would bark too much and we haven't heard a PEEP out of her! Here's hoping her brother and sisters (The Fox Family in your adoption listing) are adopted soon also!

Lynn and Family

Dear Marth,

We are so pleased to hear that Homewoods is doing well. We wanted to give you a little update on Scarlett and JB (previously Mork). They are livng life on their three acres. Nothing gets by them, day or night. The two of them have brought so much happiness into our lives, it is incredible. They have both become very accustomed to sleeping on our bed...JB prefers to keep his head on my pillow. We cannot thank you enough for bringing them into our lives. You are an angel to every dog you save. Keep in touch!

Jen and Dan L.

Marth and Daughter

Just thought I'd share this picture with you after seeing the new photo of Taxi on Petfinder. We threw a party for Bumpus and Darwin's birthday in February. Darwin, in photo, certainly wasn't as grumpy as he looks, but the picture is priceless! At 15 months, he is STILL growing, now at 133 lbs, very muscular and solid, not fat. STILL a total bed-hog, couch-potato, mama's-boy lap dog. In two weeks he will be tested for therapy dog. Hounds are the best!! Our HR "hound," Skeeter, is now 41 lbs., all legs and tail and bark! Still just the sweetest, lovingest little lap dog ever, adoring and provoking the hounds at the same time. I'll have to send you a picture of them all eating ice cream in the back of my truck sometime.

Take care!

Dear Marth,

I hope everything went well with your permit. Jessie (Blackberry) is a wonderful dog. She looks just like a black lab and is very even tempered. At 8 months, she now weighs 56 lbs., and is very trim. She loves to chase birds and splash in creeks as we walk to the Potomac. She was shy as a puppy, but made friends with a 13 yr. old Newfoundland, Hugo, who taught her to be brave and sociable. Now, she is friendly with other dogs, and people, too.

We are very happy that Jessie found a home with us. Thank you again.

Kathleen S.


She is wonderful. Sat tall and took in all the views for the first hour - I felt like I was escorting the queen. The sun was on her and she loved it - got sleepy and went to sleep...perhaps all my talkingI was boring her? I kept my hand on her most of the way back and she kissed it several times.

She is home, walked and ate all her food. She took to her bed and is resting in it after checking out my entire house...she doesn't know there is another floor - I'll leave that for now.. I am so happy. I will let you know more soon.

Thank you so much, you are also wonderful - it's great to know that people like you are out there. Thank you for helping Ginger and I find each other.

More on Ginger, later date:
I thought I would touch base with you to let you know how we are making out. I love this dog! She is wonderful! And she loves me!

Ginger feels a lot more settled now. And actually has gotten quite playful. We take long walks in the park she is has made several dog friends and other owners ask of her progress.

Ginger is less shy and less restless. She loves going out on my second story balcony over looking the park for good dog and people watching on the sunny afternoons (I leave the door open).

We have been to the vets. He was very interested in your organization and I gave him information. She got shots for Lyme and Bordetella. And I got our heart worm medicine. Dr. Roy wanted to wait a couple of weeks for her to adjust and see if she developed any health problems before her operation. All I see is a happy, healthy dog. Do you know when her last heat was?

I will send you photos soon - she is camera shy and I don't want to put her through unnecessary drama.

I hope all is we well, I'll talk again soon. I feel so lucky to have connected with you to find Ginger.

Sincerely, Brooke B.

Hi Marth!

I finally made it back to Charlottesville and have access to a computer again. I've logged over 3,000 driving miles in the past 10 days! I am so happy to report that Maggie (formerly Yin) has a home with my parents. She has worked her charm on both of them! My Dad spent most of this weekend building her a doghouse complete with a little, covered front porch.

I left her with them on Tuesday last week and drove to see Rich, Barney, and Killian in Kansas. I drove back to Illinois on Saturday, and Maggie had completely bonded with both of my parents (especially my dad - as I expected). Although she was happy to see me (as she is with any human, dog, cat, etc), she really is my parents' dog!

She loves to play fetch, is learning to only chew her toys (rather than hands, furniture, etc), and seemed to enjoy taking long sun baths in the dog run while my parents worked outside in the yard. When it's time for her to go to bed, my Dad picks her up and cradles her like a little baby and takes her to her 'house' (large travel crate where she falls right to sleep. I think she's exactly what my parents (especially my Dad needed). Both of my parents are taking her for long walks at night (around a mile or so), which is good exercise for all three of them.

Thank you for taking a chance on us and this birthday present!

Love, Michelle

We have decided to rename Kudos to Jake. He seems to be coming around nicely. The first 24 hours here he slept most of the time. He then started venturing from his bed to different areas of the house. If he felt threatened by anything he returned to his bed. Unfortunately, due to the large amount of snow that we had, we were unable to put him in the back yard until today, which meant he had to be on the leash when he was out. Today, we put him in the back yard. The first time out he explored. The second time out he stretched out and ran around the yard. He even barked at the neighbor's pit bull. They seem to be friendly with each other. He also started running around the house and playing with his rope toy. He likes our bedroom to play in. I think that's because we have skylights and he probably doesn't feel as closed in there. He had a few accidents, but I think that was our fault since we didn't read the signs he was giving us. We'll learn.

My daughter was over yesterday with her digital camera and took some pictures. I'm attaching a few so you can see that Jake is doing well. I hope they come through okay. I'll keep you informed since I don't want you to worry about him.

Dear Marth,

Tidbit seems to love her new home, and we now live in her home. She loves her new Grandma too. On the ride home, Tidbit intermittently cuddled, slept, threw-up, cuddled, slept and threw-up again. We expected that, so we were prepared with wipe-ups, paper towels and plastic bags. We live in a split foyer and could not get her to come up the steps when we first got home, but after a little coaxing she was fine. Now she is bounding up and down the steps barely touching several of them. As Robert told you, we had to attend a viewing last night and will attend the funeral this morning. When we left, we closed all the doors to the bedrooms and the door to the downstairs, and then had to leave. We fully expected to find the house in disarray when we returned after an hour, but our sweet little girl was fine. The only thing we noticed was that the pillows were knocked off the couch. She kept us laughing and playing for the rest of the evening (I believe my husband is now in love with a sleek, fawn-colored woman). If we stopped playing with her for a minute - she would just entertain herself by knocking her ball around or throwing her rawhide up in the air. She is so smart. She really had us laughing when she squeezed herself under the couch, all that could be seen were her two back legs and tail and then she slipped under completely. I did get some pictures. She's hiding a few goodies under there. We laughed so hard. She did it again this morning too. As I am typing she is laying on her blanket right next to me in the computer room. Tidbit slept pretty good through the night, after her initial excitement of jumping on the waterbed four times. I'd tell her "no" then pat her blanket at the foot of the bed and tell her to lay down. She did and was quiet and peaceful. I heard her stir around four this morning, and took her out - that was the first time she had gone potty outside. So she got a treat and fussed over. She had two accidents earlier in the evening, even though we kept taking her out. We figured she just was too excited from her day. Around seven she stirred again and went to the door of the bedroom, I took her out aginn and she went. I think she is getting the hang of it. Our cat (Kitty) slept in the bedroom all night too, but she slept under the headboard, so Tidbit and Kitty didn't actually meet yet. Kitty meowed to get out this morning and Tidbit didn't even move. My husband IS NOT a morning person. But he was up this morning playing with and loving Tidbit. That was amazing. He recounted everything she did last night to his Mom after his Mother had gone to bed. He also recounted everything to his daughter on the phone last night. Tidbit still hasn't met Sandy, my mother-in law's schnauzer, but since neither of them is fixed yet, we are going to wait a little bit. Last night, she fixed her blanket just the way she wanted it. We watched her just amazed. She would use her nose and little raccoon paws to scrunch it up and then use her teeth to stretch certain areas just right. Then she'd do the little circle walk and plop down. She's so intelligent. I called my son at Frostburg and told him he has a new sister, he was a little worried at first since I'm 41, but then he was very happy when he found out it was a new doggie. Also, is there a particular word you use for them to go potty? We tried all the basics, but I guess she will just let us know. Well, I hope you had a relaxing night and let Calgon take you away. Ours was busy and wonderful. Thank you for giving us our beautiful little hound doggie girl.

Thank you,
Shelby, Robert and Tidbit


Charlie is here and happy as can be. He is perfect. He is a little bit bigger then I expected, but I love him so much all ready, that I don't care. Do you know how big he is going to get, just so I know.

He has already had his first bath, and he didn't seem to mind it too much. Right now he is asleep on a blacket, covered with a nice warm towel until he gets dry. Thank you so much for all that you did to make this happen.

Please take comfort in knowing that you could not have placed Charlie in a better, more loving home. I promise you, that he is a very lucky pup. Thanks Again,

Hi Marth. We're home safe and sound, but it was a long ride back - much longer than coming to see you. I did take an unexpected but delightful turn at a place called White Haven, I believe, a wrong turn in the road, but if I hadn't done that I would have never seen that exquisite piece of history.

Jack was reluctant to come in the house at first, so I did my Hansel and Gretel to get him to come up the porch by placing little morsels of food piece by piece and he walked right in, took a tour of the living room, dining room and kitchen and out the back door. He's so curious - what a wonderful little mind!

I'm so sorry I forgot to look in the goodie back and see what you put together for us. For me to give... I'm sorry I forgot to hug you when leaving - gosh how could I forget to do that? What was I thinking? Or more likely not thinking. I'm sorry I was so clumsy with the crate and carrying the dear puppy to the car - I was fumbling so...guess I was just nervous, excited, happy, and anticipating a long ride.

Marth meeting you was just perfect - you certainly did a wonderful job with all of your pooches! I never saw so many calm, happy, healthy creatures... When I came in, I wanted to say "I'm home."

Today was very memorable, a perfect Valentines Day. I drove back happy, lighthearted and although exhausted, I had this wonderful little Jack right near me.

It's after 1 am now... Jack's crate is in the kitchen. Nearby is water and a few pieces of puppy chow - although he ate a few morsels, he was really busy taking in his new digs. The baby gate is in position and I'm ready to go to bed. The house is much happier with him here.

Thank you for all that you've given me - physically, spiritually! Tonight I'm happy.

Barbara T.

Hi! This is Dave and Amy and I wanted to let you know how Jill was doing. She has adjusted very well into our home and has also befriended Amy's mom's dog and they love to play together. She is the perfect little lap dog, but she does have some spunk that we see more and more everyday. I am so happy we adopted her and I wanted to let you know that she is loving her new home.

Dave and Amy

Hi Marth. I wanted to give you a little update on Pete. Everything's going well - although he is the most stubborn dog I've ever met!! Pete and the cats are getting along just fine - the dog LOVES to play with cat toys. My vet has given him a clean bill of health, and said that his back leg, the one that was broken, has healed nicely. I'm working him up to jogging with me, although he's just as happy walking slowly and sniffing everything around him. He is very, very good with kids and other dogs - he's just so mellow and easy going that not much bothers him - unless he sees a rabbit; then he's ready to go... Pete tries so hard to be a good boy (although the temptation of fresh cat food or anything that's left lying around on the coffee table is usually a bit too much for him), and I'm hoping that he'll become a little more independent once he feels more secure in his surroundings; I'd like to be able to go to the bathroom by myself once in a while!

Thank you for everything!!

Jenny Morris & Pete

Hi! I just wanted to give you an update. He is much better, very little if any whining, the one dog is finally playing with him, and is he fat! I only feed him morning, lighter in the afternoon and then a bigger dinner but he weighs 22 pounds! I dont know how much he weighed when we got him last week, but he sure does feel heavier. Do you think I should put him on a lighter diet? His belly almost touches the ground! Haha! We sure do love him! He is pretty good about everything, has a little chewing problem but we are working on that. He sleeps good at night and plays well all day, and the house breaking is good. Only about 3 accidents since he came home. Not bad right? Well gotta go now, hope all is well with you and the other hounds.

Sylvia T.

Hi Marth,

Well, I've been promising to send you pictures and finally here they are.

Buddy and Mia are doing well. They are true brother and sister, always getting in fights about a toy or a chew bone. Mia loves to sleep on your lap or right next to you on the couch and loves to give kisses. She loves her chew bones, but we have to watch her because she loves shoes too. She doesn't like to be outside long. She wants to do her business and come right back in.

Buddy loves his bed and he especially loves a toy we got him with a squeeker inside. He will lay on the floor with it and keep bitting it to make it squeek. He is Mama's boy. He always greets me with kisses and cries when I leave the room or leave the house.

That's it for now. I will send you more pictures as I get them.

Thanks again,

Hi Marth!

It's Michelle Ryan, Killian and Barney's mom. Both of the hounds are doing well. We love them so much!!! Barney is a much better dog now that he has Killian to pal around with and we just can't imagine our life without her. She is so loving and funny! Killian is quite the talker and really likes to chase her stuffed animals while Barney barks at her.

The Army sent both my husband and I to school this year. Unfortunately, his school is in Kansas and my school is in Charlottesville, VA. Rather than split them apart, we decided it would be best for Barney and Killian to stay together so my husband has them in Kansas. I miss them terribly, but have a picture of them on my computer screen saver, and I fly to Kansas at least once a month to see Barney & Killian (and my husband too). The other night they "sang" to me on the speaker phone. Truly music to my ears! As you know, we will be moving to Fairbanks, Alaska this summer and have decided to drive the whole way from Kansas to Fairbanks because that will be easiest for the dogs. I'm sure the trip will be quite an adventure! I hope to have some photos of the dogs after my next trip to Kansas. I'll send you one to add to your success stories. We are so grateful that you saved Killian for us!

Warm regards,
Michelle R.

Hi Gang! We wanted to you guys to be the first to meet Miss Buttercup III. We picked her up from the Basset Rescue yesterday at noon and brought her to her new home on Wood Duck Isle. She immediately made friends with everyone she me and backed down the street "Bully" and made him a friend too. Ain't she pretty?

Ken & Elsie

Hi Marth,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Luke. He is all of six months old now and is almost 50 lbs. He's very healthy and happy and is fitting into the family quite well. He's sooooo good. He hardly ever barks (only when we pull into the dog park) and has slept through the night pretty much from the start. He loooooves the snow which considering his southern heritage I think is great. He jumps around like a rabbit in it, and we've certainly been getting enough lately. He loves going to doggie daycare twice a week, and once a week he goes to work with me for a few hours. Everyone who meets him loves him. He doesn't jump on people really at all and is very smart and obedient. He is so smart! He has the best qualities of each of his breeds. He's a lab in the sense of friendliness and letting my daughter climb all over him, but he's not hyper in the least, thus the hound. My husband sometimes takes him to work with him on the weekends. He's such a great companion. I tried to find a place on the website to post a testimonial, but I couldn't scroll down on the left hand side and only got as far as the adoption application. So here is my testimonial, WE LOVE THIS DOG. He is such a smart, loving, adorable, friendly, loyal, etc. companion. He is a wonderful dog and I thank you so much for bringing him to us.

Here are some pictures of him at home and playing in my aunt's backyard (soon to be our new home) with her Irish Setter. He is going to have a nice big fenced in yard and will be across the street from a lake! I can't wait to see those webbed feet in action. I will be sending a copy of his neuter certificate by mail.

Thanks again, Erin


I thought that you would like to see Toby (formerly Waldo). My vet took these pictures. He is so cute and growing up very fast...

He is doing well and I love him very much. He has LOTS of energy and loves to run around in the back field. He was out in the snow yesterday and had a blast.

Robin K.

Hope is slowly coming out of her shell, she and Ruby had a fantastic ride home on Sunday. I think Hope likes indoor living. Although I have yet to catch her eating dog food, She loves ham and cheese, burgers, left overs. I feel obligated to feed her this food because I can't catch her eating dog food and want to be sure she is eating. Well, Ruby just loves that because I cant feed one human food and not the other. She is housebroken, came that way, just like Ruby did, they just know that they go outside. They pee in unison. She walks around sniffing and wagging her tail now, puts both front paws up on the bed but wont climb on the furniture yet, not that we want her to but we dont mind. she does not know how to cuddle yet, or ask for attention. She likes to curl up in the hall near the door to the basement. She wont take dog treats yet, I am sure that will change quickly, and we are trying to teach her to play, like ruby, she does not know how. Ruby is teaching her though. Rich took her and Ruby out yesterday on his errands, she is good on a leash. She took to Casie right away, Casie has been very gentle with her. So far so good, will keep you posted!

Laura B.

Marth -- things are working out great with Mudball -- or as I like to call her -- my beautiful little Sammie girl!! She is very well behaved, is housebroken, and very affectionate. I haven't heard her bark once yet!! She is staying very close to me, as I expected her to. She can keep up with me when I run - I slow to a walk before she does! I have placed a blanket on the couch and she likes to lay there and sleep. I love her so very much. My only problem is with my cats! They are afraid of Sammie and have been under my bed since yesterday. They will learn to adjust, I am confident of it.

Thank you so much for my beautiful gift of love -- I will keep in touch to let you know how she is doing. Thanks, Cindy

More on Sammie, a few months later: Marth -- I wanted to give you an update on Mudball.

On Monday, she was spayed, had her "dewclaws" removed, and had a microchip placed between her shoulder blades. She is doing fine and started running 2 days later! My vet says she is 2 years old (you were right!) and not a Bagel. They think she is not part basset, but part beagle, part southern hound dog. I still have Mudball and my 2 cats separated, and the Vet says it may take another 2 months or so before they can all get along. They assured me there is no hostility with Mudball and the cats, and it will just take time for my cats to get used to a dog.

I don't know how to thank you for Mudball (my beautiful Sammie). She is an absolute joy. She doesn't bark (I've heard here bark 2 times, at other animals), can hold her bladder for a long time (she has never had an accident) and she is so affectionate. I love her so much. Thank you for such a gift.

Hi Marth!

Just to let you know Kilmer is doing GREAT. My English Setter, Princess Diana, is a little miffed...Murphy the Jack Russell is fine. I had to hand feed Diana this morning and she is drooling. I called my vet and my vet said it is probably anxiety. Diana and Kilmer did growl initially, now he just wants to play, to which Diana is saying: "oh how boring!" Kilmer ate like a pig.

We made it to Kilmer's vet appointment at 3:59 they close at 4:00!. Dr. Khianey thought him to be in EXCELLENT condition. He got his microchip for identification and was very very sweet with Dr. Khianey.

Last, night, Barbara came over (Lilly's mom) to visit. Kilmer slept.....and by the way...slept the ENTIRE WAY back home curled up in the back of the car with me. no crying, no nervousness, no vomiting in the car! We did pull out our huge crate and put in next to our bed. He went in it, voluntarily, and whimpered for about 30 seconds. He stirred about 3:00...I got up with him because he did vomit a tiny bit, and once he was outside, he pooped and peed (good poops).

Again, thank you Martha. This dog is an ANGEL on four legs.

Fondly, Michelle B.

More on Kilmer, later date: As you may remember, Kilmer is named after a quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Obviously, I love my team, even though they stink right now!

Anyway, my mom collected lots of Redskins memorabilia, and I finished my basement in the Redskins colors where I have displayed all her wonderful treasures.

NBC (Channel 4 here) sent their sports news team to profile my Redskins basement in honor of my mother. It should air sometime this week. Anyway, KILMER is in the film and the profile is going to end with his huge face mugging for the camera. It will be on the 5:00 and 6:00 news here, and possibly some pre-game NFL shows profiling the Redskins fans.

If the tape is good, I will send you a copy. He was too funny with the camera crew....even passed a little gas to spice up the show!


What can I say? I adopted the smartest dog alive! Meet "Stoops." With a little help (thanks Martha!) he was housetrained in just three days. He might have created his own doggy door on the screen porch, but we left it for him, and he loves it (now only if he could get those big sticks through it). Did I mention the "sit, shake, lay down show"? Yeah, he's got that down, too! Ol' Stoops is scheduled to get neutered in January, and his shots are all caught up. All that leaves is plenty of time to tear through every PetSmart toy possible, and show off for the ladies. Marth, thanks again for helping me bring so much fun and love into our home!


Skeeter, our little pea-pod, wants you to know that she's staying here to live with the Texas Coonhounds. I've sent a photo of our three "kids" and "Daddy" napping on the couch after a walk. What a great story for all of them! As you know, Bumpus came from the local SPCA in June and we adopted her brother Darwin from the SPCA in September after he had been bounced from two other homes. And, of course, Skeeter is a Homewoods Honorary Hound who came to us in early November. Skeeter is convinced that she is a big (little) hound-dog --she even talks like a hound now, though none of them "sing" yet. They all get along great, eat out of the same bowl, curl up and nap together on the couch, and play play play. (It was really neat to watch Bumpus and Darwin teach her how to play! They started very gently at first until she caught on, and they are still more gentle with her than they are with each other, as if they really understand that she is a younger puppy and is much smaller than either one of them.) They are all great with other dogs (though Skeeter is a little shy at first) and great with children. Our neighbor's two girls, ages four and seven regularly come over to maul our puppies and they LOVE it. The puppies LOVE it and are always very well-behaved. (Okay, I admit that Darwin sometimes gets a little pushy, but he's boy and I don't think he realizes yet that at 10-months-old he is over 100 pounds.) Skeeter is the perfect addition to our little family - you were so right in helping us to "choose" her! Housetraining is coming along well, and she's good with sit and stay commands, and getting better about jumping. She's up to 30 pounds. She'll probably go in for spaying in early January when she's 6-months-old. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her joy and enthusiam and sweetness. She falls asleep in everyone's laps and works her magic through little baby-dog snores and whimpers. It is a great joy every day to wake up to these three lovely dogs, who are always smiling, happy, and full of love for us.

I just bought an old Toyota 4Runner for hauling around our pack, but it will work very well for relaying hounds for you! Please let me know if we can ever be of help to you and your puppies! These creatures have so much to offer all of us!

We still talk about Moby and his amazing vocal performance!

Best wishes,
Patty and Russ
Bumpus J. Goodgirl, Darwin F. Meathead, and Skeeter Ann Bean

Hi Marth,

Just an update on Miz Sadie's pup Brutus. He is now 5 months old, and weighs 64 pounds. He is a big, lovable hound that captures everyones heart. He graduates from puppy preschool this Wednesday and Rick and I couldn't be prouder.

He loves to play ball and chase our cats and the cats seem to enjoy being chased. He still has not grown into his huge feet yet. His neuter date is December 3rd and we will send you the paperwork when completed.

Sometimes I think Brutus doesn't realize that he is a large dog and not a little cat. He continually tries to get into the same places as our cats. It is hilarious to watch him try to lay on the back of the couch or on our laps. He has completely taken over our bed. We are now shopping for a larger one to accomodate us, our cats and Brutus. He even brings me little presents from outside, dead moles, mice and birds. Trying to stop him from doing this, I guess I should be thankful that these "gifts" are already dead, but somehow that doesn't seem to make a difference. So we are working on not bringing our outside "toys" inside and vice versa.

Thank you for all that you do for our four legged friends and keep up the crusade.

Sandy C.

Just to let you know, Ozzy is doing great. Jef and I love him to pieces. He is so sweet and good natured. He has been timid, not wanting to venture out of the living room much. That is the first room he entered when he came in the house. He likes his dog bed and he really likes the crate we borrowed from Jef's brother. We leave the door open and he likes to go in there and nap.

I guess he likes knowing it is his space and he can go in and out as he pleases. He is still scared to walk on the kitchen floor for any length of time and wouldn't eat in there, but we brought his dog bowl to his crate and put it in there with him and he ate in there. We are trying to give him time to adjust at his own pace. I am sure as he gets more comfortable he will be all over the house. We have yet to hear him bark. He is great at giving kisses. Thank you so much. I will keep you posted.


...Mr. S loved the beach...I think he liked the feel of the sand. He also found a few birds to chase and of course had to introduce himself to everyone else on the beach. He's doing fine on the leash although he tends to take us where he wants to go rather than vice versa. The Scruff did bark (and onetime growl) at the other dogs on the beach and strain on the leash, but no incidents. That was the only time he barked at all - in general he is the strong but silent type.

We gave him lots of opportunities to pee and poop outside, and he availed himself of them and avoided any inside accidents. He slept all night in his crate on a pillow and didn't have any accidents.

So far, the worst I've had in terms of an allergy reaction is a little redness around scratch marks on my arm (we need to trim his nails) but I get those from the birds and also used to get them from the ferrets we had, and they usually go away in a few minutes after I wash them off. I think if any problems develop after a week, I'm the one who will have to go to rescue as the kids have really bonded. Scruffy seems to be bonding to us pretty well also - he seems to like us all and greets whoever comes into the room. He looked a little nervous when we were packing up to leave the beach house, but he got happy again as soon as we put the leash on, and he knew he was coming along.

We just got home, and he is already enjoying himself watching TV on the sofa with the kids while chewing on his toy. Tomorrow we'll get him a pig's ear, as he's shown an interest in my shoes a few times, which we discouraged more or less successfully.


P.S. The kids just started playing ball with him and he's trying to get all three in his mouth at once!

More on Mr. Scruffy, a couple months later: He's growing up well, behaving "most" of the time and has only had one "accident" in the past 6 or 7 weeks. It's the other end that gets him in the most trouble (finding things to chew that he shouldn't, etc, although he could be much worse - he hasn't tried the furniture yet). He's gotten his rabies shot and has his heartworm meds.

We're thinking about giving him about another month before the ultimate indignity, however we already have the low cost neuter certificate from FLAG (the shelter in Goochland County near here). We also told our kids that if they don't behave, we'll get two more certificates for them! Scruff occasionally lifts his leg to pee, but not very often, so I figure he's got a little more way to go.

I think he's learned a bit from his old hound buddies, as he's always got his nose to the ground when we walk him, and can get VERY determined to follow it, despite the collar and leash. All in all, he's a good pet, but just crazy enough to fit in with the rest of us nuts around here.

Hope things are going well on the Eastern Shore. Thanks again for saving our little pal.

Hi Martha.

I just wanted to let you know how much in love we are with our new puppy. We are calling her Hannah!!!! She is the sweetest most wonderful little girl and SOOOOOOOO smart. She actually learned how to use the doggie door after I showed her how it opened just once. She loves it too. She actually went out all by herself, went down the steps and did her business. She has not had a single accident in the house. She also knows the closet where her treats are kept. She watched my daughter Tara put them away, and a little later went to the pantry and sat and pawed the door. We were shocked she remembered. We just cannot thank you enough for allowing us to adopt her.

Thanks again for everything.

More on Hannah, later date:
Hi Marth. Now that my sweet Hannah is approaching her very first birthday on May 29, I thought I would write with an update and a picture. It's hard to put into words the amount of love we have for her. Hannah is the most loving, affectionate, attentive, sweet dog in the entire world. She is about 58 pounds now and sleeps in bed with my cocker mix (now 14 years old), myself, and the little bit of room we save for my husband. She cracks me up because she likes to spend half the night under the covers, and has to be up against you at all times. Don't get out of bed for any reason during the night because your spot will be gone when you get back. Talk about one spoiled rotten coonhound. Hannah was adopted with her sister Lilly, and Lilly is a carbon copy of Hannah, as well their brother Kilmer that was adopted a few months later. They get together often and have a ball together. We are trying to plan a birthday party for the three of them.

Anyway, I'm hoping to stop by sometime this summer for a visit. Hope all is well and take care.

Hi Martha,

First, let me tell you, we love our sweet Lilly! Yes, we have named her Lilly. She has got to be the #1 Best Puppy. She has been here almost 39 hours, and no accidents. I believe she is just about housebroken. We went out for dinner at a neighbors house and took her with us and she played with their 9 and 12-year-old daughters and had the time of her life. They are dog people too, and think she is the best. So what can I say, just thank heavens we met you and your great hounds. Thank you again.
See you Thursday, Martha


We are all safely home. We're still amazed that Belle slept the whole way home and did not peep a sound. She loves her new back yard with all the new smells. We thank you again...and we'll keep in touch. Good night.

The Rocco Family

Hi Marth!

I know it has been weeks since we picked up our puppy but we have been very busy. When I told you that I wanted to name him Roscoe, you and Rick voiced your objection to the name. The puppy is so much like our other hound (we lost to cancer) that we decided to name him Brutus II. He is a blessing ! He is now 35 lbs. and growing every day. He absolutely loves our cats; they try to act like they don't like him when we are watching, but we catch the cats making Brutus chase them. Our older dog is now used to him and I think she likes the idea of being the boss. He follows her every where. We have bought him a swimming pool and he just loves the water. Can't keep him out of our goldfish pond either. He is such a treat. We love him dearly. Thank you for rescueing Sadie and giving us the opportunity to give such a great pet a loving home. Brutus begins Puppy Preschool the end of September, I wonder how many other dogs he will be able to corrupt? Potty training has been fairly easy, (just a few accidents), but he now lets us know when he needs to potty.

Mike, our veterinarian, was amazed by how musch he looks, grunts, and acts like our first Brutus. The whole staff at Four Paws could not believe that we found another one. He certainly has won the staff over there. We could not be happier with Brutus, he truely is a wonderful addition to our family. Keep up the good work!

Just wanted to give you an update on how Oliver is doing. He is still growing. Last week he weighed in at 73lbs and the vet is not sure how large he may grow. His feet are still huge. He has a wonderful personality and loves to play with all other animals.

Dodger died in May. That was difficult for Oliver and us. Last month we did get Oliver a new playmate. Her name is Ivy and she is a wirehair/jack russell/spaniel/who-knows-what mix. She is great for him.. They wrestle and play together and keep each other company.

Bill and I are going to try to come to the Eastern Shore in the fall and stop by so you can see Oliver. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures, but when I do, I will e-mail you one.

Also wanted to let you know that we appreciate all of your honesty about Oliver's past. We adopted Ivy from a no kill organization and they did not tell us half of her story.

Hope all is well.


Just a short note to let you know that Cody is a handsome boy. We have alot of fun together. When we are in the woods he leaps just like a deer. I think when he sees the deers leaping he thinks he should also. Its so graceful. He stops after a very short chase. He sleeps with me but gets up earlier. Loves ice cubes and everything else. He is now about 45lbs. and I think this might be about it for growing. He is truly a wonderful companion. Hope all is well on your end. I will send another picture sometime in the months ahead.

Regards, Bunny

My husband, Adam, has helped Martha to relay a few dogs, and even a cat! We rescued our Basset Hound Murphy and our Daschund Guinness from no-kill shelters, and wanted to help other dogs. When our Murphy died suddenly at age 5 in February, Adam called Marth to tell her the sad news. We were devastated and heartbroken, and even more saddened by the despair on Guinness' little face. After much discussion, we decided it was time to meet Marth and her hounds in person. We drove down to Maryland on a Sunday, thinking that we probably would not adopt another dog just yet, and we certainly would not adopt another Basset. We thought it would just be too painful to have a new Basset in the house so soon.

Then Marth introduced us (and Guinness too) to 2 year old Jasmine. Jazzy came into the room like a whirlwind, throwing toys and kisses all around. She even hunkered down to try to get Guinness to play with her. A few hours later, Jazzy found herself back in Pennsylvania with us. She is a sweet girl who has truly been an angel for us. While our pain over Murphy's loss will never be completely gone, this girl has made a difficult time in our lives easier with her quiet gazes and sweet disposition. Jazz and Guinness have become girlfriends, too, and can often be found lounging together on the couch! We were told that Jazz lived on a farm, but she has had no trouble securing her spots on the bed (on my pillow!) and the sofa. We look forward to visiting the rescue again with Jazz in tow so she can visit her old friends!

Barb and Adam T.

Hey Marth!

Made it back just fine. Mr. Bones did spew some chunks about 15 minutes into the ride, but the rest of the trip went a whole lot better for him. He slept a lot. We stopped for a picnic about half way home and he will already come to us (on a leash) - if we sound excited enough. Then later in the car he actually let us know he had to piddle. He's a smart one! And what a beauty! We couldn't keep our eyes off of him on the trip home. He's already been introduced to the beach and LOVES it. Got into a tug-of-war with some dried seaweed - it was a hoot. He's laying at my feet sleeping as I type. We know he could have a scary first night, but we're ready. Have already showed him off to our neighbors and they think he is the cat's meow. Thanks again! Mr. Bones is going to be a wonderful pet for us, and we intend to be just as wonderful for him. We're hoping so much that Bliss and Rufus returned safely. Did they? Oh! I think we left the envelope with his medical info and contract there. We didn't find it in the car when we unpacked. If so, can we bother you to mail it for us? And lastly, we will contact your brother tomorrow about the food. We think what you are for these dogs is wonderful Marth, and take our hats off to you.

Sincerely, Laura and Tony

Hi Marth.

Petunia and Max are doing wonderful!!! I can't describe how well they're doing. All they want to do is lay on the leather furniture. They already have their favorite spots picked out. They're eating great and no accidents in the house! Everyone gets along great. Not one problem. Max is a little afraid of new people but I'm sure that's because he hasn't had the best past in the world and Petunia loves everyone. Andy was a wonderful dog also. The foster home was great. They seemed like really nice people and the yard was wonderful for the dogs. Big and clean. We'll talk to you soon.

Thank you, Tammy


Hi. It's been several months and I don't know if you remember us, but I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how one of your little ones is doing. We adopted Zoe (aka Jackie Russel) a jack russel beagle mix about 6 or 7 months ago.

Well, she is doing fantastic! She loves it here and her and Scarlett are best friends. It took several frustrating months to potty train her--she was perfectly content with going in the house, on the couch, or the rugs---no matter how many times we took her out. We were a little worried that we might not be able to keep her if she continued her buisness everyday inside. So my husband sat down with her for a very serious talk. He calmly explained to her that we can't keep a dog who ruins everything. She listened and completely turned around the next day! I really think she understood him. That was about two months ago. We've had a couple of accidents since--but no big deal. She is finally housebroken!!!

We take her to the dog run in Central Park and she goes nuts. She runs around with 20 other dogs for a solid hour. She can run and run and run. And then she goes out a few more times throughout the day. Zoe is extremely smart and has learned many new things. She is very easy to train. And what a lover she is. She can't get enough. The only time she really sits still is in my lap. she loves to cuddle and nuzzle her little head into my neck.

She is very funny---she really has a sense of humor. She makes these funny little gurgles and sounds to communicate to me what she wants and if I don't give it to her right away she gets frustrated and mad and she gets louder and starts barking at me. She really thinks the world should revolve around her and when she realizes that it dosen't she gets upset. She's too much! Who needs kids when you've got dogs like these? Anyway, that's the update I'll have to one day send pictures because my scanner is not working properely and I have a hard time getting them into the computer.

Thank you for rescuing this little lover girl. She is doing great in the Big Apple and we love her so much.


Bailey has made her chamber music debut! we had some friends over the other night- a viola, fllute and a piano. they were playing some beethoven and bailey{our girly}went into the other room. got her squeak bone , returned. placed herself strategically between the viola and the flute and joined in(* squeak, squeak, squeak, etc and on and on)for the rest of the show. we were impressed to say the least. Where did this dog come from????? We have had nothing but joy with her since we have learned her language.I feel fortunate. She wants you to know she is very happy- all wiggly up and down.she's got max in shape too.



Just wanted to send you a Scooby Woo update. She is now just over four and a half months old, and growing like a weed. She is almost larger than both of our other girls. We had her to the vet last week for a check-up, and she weighed-in at 52 pounds. Scooby stands taller than Gia Marie, the Pit Bull/Boxer mix, and weighs more than Dakota, our Border Collie. Scooby has been an absolute delight to raise. She spends lots of time playing outside in our yard with the other two girls. She is the classic hound dog. After a burst of energy, she sleeps for a few hours. She loves to sleep under the back porch on the bed of peat moss and top soil that Gia was kind enough to spread out as bedding. The area is shaded and gets a nice breeze on most days.

Scooby loves to sleep with the other girls at night. We were originally having her sleep on the bed with us, but after a few weeks, she was leading the girls to the crates for bedtime. We purchases a crate that almost needs its own room so that the three girls can all sleep together. It is the cutest thing.

We just got back from our honeymoon, which included renting a 30 foot RV, packing up the girls, and driving to Newfoundland. We all had a blast. The girls went on a ton of walks, saw their first moose, and enjoyed being on the road for two weeks.

If you could forward me your address, I'd be happy to send you some pictures. Thanks again for all of the work you do taking in homeless hounds. Without you, we never would have met Scooby Woo.


More on Scooby Woo, December 2002: ...Scooby Woo just tipped the scales at 86 pounds -- at less than 9 months old. She is a giant. Scooby has been growing into her long, long ears and now has the colossal head to match. She has finally grown into her deep "woo woo woo" voice. Scooby towers over the other two girls, and surprisingly enough, is still afraid of the cats. She is such a goofy hound dog. Scooby still loves to bound around the yard, and was galloping through the first snowfall of the year a few weeks ago. We call her our little pony.

She is the best mannered dog out of the bunch, unless there's food on the table, in your lap, or anywhere else she can reach -- which is just about everywhere in the house now. Luckily she hasn't figured out how to open the pantry yet. Once that happens, I think our grocery bill will exceed the mortgage payment. She eats like a horse.

Speaking of which, we are moving to a new house with 6.59 acres of fenced-in pasture. The girls needed a bigger yard to play in, so we found one. I can't wait for the girls to be able to run around. There are plenty of shade trees, and the property is nice and flat. We will be bordered on three sides by over 100 acres of farmland, so the girls will get to "meet" some cows as their new neighbors.

Thank you again for all of your efforts. We are truly appreciative that we were able to get Scooby Woo, and I know she loves her sisters and the home we provide.


Dear Marth,

Just a quick update on, yes, Jackson (we kept the name). My son and I are so in love with him!!! I can't say the same for our kitty but they are coming around. He is so wonderful!! Must be the most lovable dog I have ever met. Everyone that meets him loves him and how could you not. We moved almost two weeks ago, so we have all be adjusting to the new house. He was doing so well with the housebreaking at my old house. I think he only had one accident. The bells really work. Unfortunately, the previous owners of the new house had three dogs and at least one liked to lift his leg on things inside. This has not been helpful in our housebreaking and we have had to start over again. But we'll get there. I'm working on getting the old smells out as well.

Jackson loves to be next to you, preferrably on you. He is definately attached to me and looks to me for everything. Jesse is the playmate, and Jackson wants to know where we both are at all times.

I haven't been riding much lately due to the move and the HEAT!! But last time I attempted it with Jackson, he decided that he wanted to either play with my horse (WillHe) or try to get on as well and started jumping on my horses side. Good thing WillHe is so tolerant. He handled it very well and didn't get aggressive. I had to hop off though. We'll work on that. Perhaps with someone to walk Jackson next to us on a leash at first.

I believe my 30 day trial period is up!!!! Do I get to keep him?????!!! I may have to doggy nap him if you say no.

He has had all his shots including lymes, been dewormed, is on heartguard, frontline, and will be neutered at six months. Have I missed anything!!???

Hope to hear from you, Angela

Hi Marth!

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the vet finally got Suess (AKA "Shoes") in to get him fixed. I sent you a copy of the vet receipt. It should arrive shortly.

The AKA is because we found out that Suess has a taste for leather; shoes. It didn't take long to learn to keep our shoes out of reach!

By the way, I guess it's not too early. I like to send care packages to needy (doggie) families for Christmas. When you get a chance, e-mail me a wish list because my four-legged children want to send a package to your children. It's okay if money works better. I also have some freinds who are more generous around the holidays so I'll put in a good word for you. I hope all of your adoptables have a new home for Christmas!


Ruby had a good night, she slept on the floor at the foot of our bed on a blanket, this morning she was a little playful, chewing on a cardboard box and my flip flop........she is sniffing, sniffing, sniffing, and if she was not at the foot of our bed least night, she was right outside our bedroom door. No accidents in the house yet, I think she is getting more comfortable with us now. She is a beautiful dog.....

More on Ruby, later date: Ruby is a fantastic dog......she appears to be housebroken, has not had any accidents in the house, its like she knows that she goes potty outside. She seems more comfortable with her new home and us...she is still afraid of the dark though....i guess just because it is a new house to her and she does not have her bearings yet.......she sniffs everything...she is a very gentle dog and does respond to the "no" command. She has an appointment with Columbus Animal Hospital on Friday morning at 9:15 am. We will fax you proof of the appointment next week, after she goes. She likes the car now we think.....she did not get sick at all in it yesterday, and she finally pooped....she is eating better too. She absolutely loves dirty socks.......go figure.........she goes nuts over socks. Ruby is a beautiful and well behaved dog and we couldn't be prouder to be her family. Thank you!