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Consider this: During the last year your rescue hound has probably dug at least 3 holes in your landscaped lawn, gotten his tail caught in the screen door, eaten a mouthful of grass every week last summer, chased 4 rabbits and 12 squirrels to no avail (very noisy!), taken a dip in the pool, gotten nose-scratched by a tom cat, drank from the commode (the pause that refreshes?), chewed up 1 slipper, 2 underpants and gone on at least 10 successful garbage forees, almost escaped the skunk spray and now has picked up a coat full of burrs... Do something nice for yourself! You deserve it. Order a houndware item! :o)

We get a lot of emails and calls here at Homewoods from happy adopters wanting to know what more they can do to support us!!

One way is to grab some Homewoods gear - we call it Houndware! The profits go to the rescue and your sporting our stuff gets the word out about Homewoods and what we are all about!

Click here to check it out!!