We Need Your Help!

Dear Tried and True Adoptor, Relayer, Overnighter, Foster, Shelter, Rescue, Pound, Vet and Benefactor, Neighbor and Well Wisher,

I apologize for not being more closely in touch. Homewoods Rescue for the Wayward Hound is growing like a weed. There are many good things being accomplished.

I need your assistance by May 26, 2003. Recently, I received a letter from the City of Salisbury, Wicomico County, Department of Planning, Zoning and Community Development. This letter indicated that their office received an inquiry concerning a possible dog kennel operation that might be operating at my residential address.

Although dog kennels are allowed in my zoning district (Agricultural-Rural) they are permitted only by Special Exception from the Wicomico County Board of Appeals. Their records do not indicate such an approval has been obtained.

When I first moved down here with Homewoods Rescue, I received mis-information from our local humane society that I did not need such a license or permit. However, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

I have now met with Mr. Gary Pusey and Mr. Clark Meadows, Zoning Administrator and Zoning Analyst respectively, to discuss the procedure that needs to be followed so that the Board can consider my request.

As you know, I sink my heart and soul into Homewoods.

My Goal: The Personal Touch, The Right Fit
One-on-One Communication: Once I have decided to pursue an application, I'll call to answer any questions about the dog. If an adoptor has an hour's worth of questions, I'll give an hour's worth of answers. This also makes applying a little more personal.
Adoption Counseling and Followup: Once an adoptor has adopted one of my hounds, he is encouraged to contact me for advice. I have a network of volunteers, adopters and experts on different breeds who are eager to help him with some of the problems he might face with his new pet. I'll also send him links to web sites that might help.
Networking: I strive for a strong working relationship with many other rescue groups. If I don't have the dog an adoptor is seeking, I can refer him to someone who does.
Lifetime Guarantee: Despite best efforts to set everyone up for success, I will take back any of my own dogs should the adoption not succeed.
Wonderful Dogs: I also serve as a conduit to wonderful dogs whose existences are known only to a relatively small handful of other rescuers and I make every effort to advertise those dogs to the public. I work closely with the local county humane societies up and down the Delmarva Peninsula.

At this time, I am asking for your immediate help in the form of an informal affidavit. This affidavit can be a short statement on the particular subject as to why you feel Homewoods Rescue should be permitted by Special Exception by the Wicomico County Board of Appeals to continue this rescue's good works.

There is no set form for the affidavit. The residence of the author is usually shown, the date given and an informal identification or relationship to the rescue. It should then give the sources of information and reasons for belief. It should state the facts precisely and definitely. The affidavit should contain the author's signature and will not need notarization.

Following these guidelines I am asking you to send this affidavit to me directly by email so that I may present it at the Public Hearing on May 29th, 2003.

Thank you for your time and immediate consideration to this matter.

With Kindest regards,
Marth Crowdes, Director